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Who sent the assassin to kill Bran Stark?

Who actually sent the assassin to kill Brandon Stark in Game of Thrones S01E02? Jaime believes it was not Cercei, and swears he did not do it and it makes no se

How is the credited director for any one Game of Thrones episode decided?

My research for this question revealed that due to extensive location shooting and use of wide-ranging intertwining storylines, Game of Thrones shoots with up t

Was the sword forging scene at the beginning of season 4 CGI or real?

My friend thinks the sword forging scene at the beginning of the 4th season of Game of Thrones was CGI (it certainly was picturesque with the flames dancing alo

Why was Ser Ilyn Pane there to execute all women?

In the Game of Thrones season 2 episode 9, Battle of the Blackwater, Ser Ilyn Payne was in the women's room acting as a bodyguard. Though the Queen claims Ser I

What death scenes do these pictures belong to?

There is this beautiful website depicting the deaths occurring in the Game Of Thrones series. I understood most of them, but there are some which I am unable to

Who is blowing the horn to alert the Night's Watch?

Whenever the white walkers come in Game of Thrones, they said that they blow horns. They blow once for fellow rangers, twice for wildlings/foes and three times

What was Jon Snow's mother's name?

I have seen all the episode so far released. I haven't read books though. In season one before leaving to King's Landing Ned Stark tells Jon Snow that he will

Why is the purple wedding called purple wedding?

I get why the red wedding is called the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. Because it was full of red blood. But I do not get why the Purple Wedding is call

How did Samwell and Gilly get back over the wall?

During the course of Game of Thrones, under interrogation by Mance Rayder, Jon Snow confesses that only three of the wall's keeps are manned, and so we know tha

Why was she thrown down the Moon Door?

I am not sure why Petyr Baelish threw Lysa Arryn down the Moon Door? Was it to protect Sansa Stark, or will his motives be revealed later? He was having sex wi

How realistic is the brainwashing shown during Season 3 and 4?

In Season 3 of Game of Thrones, karma really has it in for one of the main characters, who after betraying his friend ends up in a very unfortunate position:

Why is the punishment for regicide so arbitrary?

Why did Tyrion survive while Ned died in Game of Thrones? They were in a similar situation, I tried to do the comparison on a quite superficial level: Ned was

How was the cake poisoned at the Purple Wedding?

I still haven't understood, how was the poison mixed with Joffrey's cake in game of Thrones S04E02? Is it explained in the show yet? I have a feeling, I have mi

What is the perception of Tyrion's story about his cousin Orson and the beetles?

In Game of Thrones S04E08 Tyrion told a story about his cousin Orson Lannister to Jaime. Orson was physically handicapped and spent his time smashing beetles.

Where did the pardon come from?

In the Game of Thrones episode The Mountain and the Viper (S04E08), Barristan Selmy is presented with a Royal Pardon supposedly signed by the late Robert Barath

Does the extreme violence and sex in Game of Thrones affect its ratings?

In my time of TV watching, Game of Thrones is the most sexually explicit and violent show I have ever watched. Is there any evidence that this extreme violence

Why do the wildings attack the wall where they do?

In S04E09 of Game of Thrones the wildings attack the wall in Castle Black, Why? We know that the wall is 100's miles long. They know that only 3 posts are mann

How did Melisandre know about Gendry's whereabouts?

During Game of Thrones S03E06 "The Climb" the red witch priestess Melisandre comes to the secret hideout of the Brotherhood Without Banners in order to take Gen

What was Margaery's motivation to call Cersei 'sister' again?

In S03E08 of Game of Thrones, Second Sons, Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell are walking around the Sept of Baelor discussing their upcoming marriages to Lor

Who is "The Ghost of Harrenhal"?

Episode S02E05 of Game of Thrones is titled "The Ghost of Harrenhal". But I wonder to whom this title actually refers. Does this refer to Arya, seeing that she