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Which menial tasks is Samwell Tarly executing in the Citadel? [closed]

I know he is at the Citadel to become a Maester, and of course to study how to kill White Walkers. But he is cleaning other's shits? Are they

Don't other Maesters know about these properties of Dragon-glass?

A lot of new information has come up about mythical stuffs mostly with the premiere of the 7th season of Game of Thrones, one of which is about Dragon-Glass. I

Why is the Baratheon sigil still shown on King's Landing in the Game of Thrones opening sequence?

Just before the series premier I saw a video somewhere on the Internet about how there was an orchestra performance in the series premiere while the opening seq

Would Walder Frey have acted another way if Robb kept his promise? [closed]

In S03E09, Walder Frey kills Robb Stark, his wife and his mother at the Red Wedding, under the supervision of the Lanisters. He says it

Which three kingdoms is Jaime referring to?

In Game of Thrones S07E01, Cersei and Jaime had a discussion, with this dialogue: "I am the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.” – Cersei "Well, three at

Are Daenerys dragons the only dragons in the seven kingdoms? [closed]

From the beginning of Game of Thrones until now, we have only seen 3 dragons. Is there a chance to see other and bigger ones?

Who is the third man that Sandor Clegane is referring to?

Minor Season 7 Episode 1 spoilers, beware! During the scene where the Brotherhood Without Banners are seeking shelter in an abandoned house, Sandor Clegane sta

Why was Dragonstone left unoccupied for such a long period of time?

Dragonstone is an island very close to King's Landing and used to be the home of major Houses (originally Targaryen, then Baratheon). So, why didn't Cersei or t

Is this character hallucinating in "Stormborn" (S07E02)?

During a scene in "Stormborn" (Game of Thrones, S07E02), Arya Stark runs into an old friend in the Riverlands... While she is trying to keep warm, alone in

Who else knows the truth about Jon Snow's parentage?

Until now we have noticed that the only one who knows the truth about Jon Snow's real parents in Game of Thrones was Ned Stark. Are there any others in-univers

What is the purpose of the chains hanging from the shelves at the Citadel?

Question Since the Citadel gets decent screen time the first two episodes this season I happened to notice and wonder about the chains tangling from certain bo

Why did Nymeria leave Arya?

Near the end of Game of Thrones S07E02, Arya was surrounded by wolves and Nymeria was amongst one of them. I (and most of the GoT fans) thought Nymeria is going

Why did Jon Snow choose someone he barely knew to this post?

It seems that Jon Snow barely knew Ser Davos before calling him to serve as his Hand. Since he doesn't know how to fight nor plan in times of war, Ser Davos do

Was Ser Jorah Mormont's letter to Khaleesi a suicide letter?

In Season 7, Episode 2 titled Stormborn, Ser Jorah Mormont is informed that his greyscale is untreatable and that he has six months of sanity left. Archmaester

Does the story in Game of Thrones lose coherence if explicit sexual scenes are removed? Are they necessary?

In Game of Thrones, there are numerous scenes which includes not limited to nudity, various sexual activities. Is showing those scenes relevant to the show? I m

Was Shireen Baratheon's doll intentionally infected with greyscale?

In Season 5, Episode 4 titled Sons of the Harpy, Stannis Baratheon explains to Shireen how she contracted greyscale when she was an infant: Stannis gets up

How come Maesters have not yet figured out what cured Shireen?

The job of the Maesters is to keep track and communicate about historical events throughout Westeros (among other things). It would make sense that the infecti

What happened to Howland Reed?

We've only seen Howland Reed once, in one of Bran's visions where he and Ned fought against the Mad King's Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy. This happened approxi

Why did The Unsullied travel by sea?

Looking at the above map, The Unsullied took the red route which seems much longer than the green route. I read that it was too long (?) to go by land. But at

What happened to Stannis's preserved fetuses

So as of Game of Thrones season 7 Daenerys is in Dragonstone now and there hasn't been a mention of Stannis's preserved fetuses as of yet that I can tell. Were