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What are movies called that are recorded at the same place?

I wonder what is the specific term used or what are those movies like 127 Hours called that are recorded at the same place?

What is the difference between science fiction and horror?

I know that not all science fiction is scary and not all horror has unrealistic monsters or super powerful psycho killers, but at what point do these genres cro

Who decides the genre of a movie?

I've been so confused by the genres of movies for a long time, for instance take Robert Rodriguez's movies like Planet Terror and Machete, even though these mov

Is there any term for the following subgenres of horror movies?

Horror movies can be basically divided into two broad categories: Where the 'villain' is a supernatural being. As in Exorcist, Conjuring etc.. Where the 'villa

Revisionist westerns of the 70's

Why are many movies of the 70's called revisionist? If I look up many of Eastwood's westerns, they would be found in a search of 'revisionist westerns'. Why are

Has this plot ever been done?

Is there a movie where the hero protagonist has an obvious advantage in terms of strength or technology, but against all the odds, ultimately succumbs to the un

Have any TV shows spawned spin-offs of a different genre?

Spin-offs are a long-standing tradition in television, but generally the new shows stick quite closely to the aesthetics of the old. The Flash is much lighter

What are considered the major film genres? [closed]

I understand this is a little subjective, but I'm trying to categorize all of my movies using an app called Plex, and it's got so many genres

Is there a specific style or genre name for Jackie Chan's movies?

Aside from the obvious Action or Martial Arts, Jackie Chan's movies are filled with very angular fight scenes (i.e. Punch, Hesitation, Retraction, Counter, etc.

Genre of Banshee

Does Banshee have a genre? To list some of the more wide and loose: Wikipedia: Action Drama, Crime Thriller IMDb: Action, Crime, Drama Rotten Tomatoes: Drama

What does Bromantic comedy genre mean?

I heard that writing a bromantic comedy is the trendy business in many parts of the world including India. But what is Bromantic?

Comparative Profitability of Genres in Movie History

I'd like to see a list of genres based in order of profitability throughout movie history. I suspect the horror genre is the most profitable genre going back al

Is HBO's Generation Kill a musical?

Is Generation Kill a musical? I know, I know first answer to come to mind is no, but they are telling the story of a real event and place, and frequently the ch

Why there is no genre name for sad or crying movies?

For comedy there is a genre, for horror there is a genre, for action there is a genre. Then why is there no genre name for sad or crying movies?

Is this a genre, a plot template or something else?

I've stumbled upon (and watched) a number of films that share many things: Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Giver and so on (I will add as I recall othrs that I'

“Buddy cop show” without two cops?

"Buddy cop show" is a common trope; but so is a partnering of a cop and a civilian, and especially a cop and an extraordinary civilian (a mentalist in The Menta

Is there a criterion to differentiate "thriller" from "horror"?

The genres, in my opinion, have a very slim boundary separating one from another. I see a lot of movies being categorized as thriller or horror almost interchan

Is there a given name for "fake documentaries" posing as educational programming?

In recent years, networks such as The Discovery Channel have been airing so-called documentaries that have people believing that what they are seeing is not onl

Is Banksy's movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" a new (sub)genre?

When looking at the film Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) and possibly disregarding if the main character is fictitious or not, then it's not entirely clear wh

Why was "The Big Short" shot in the comedy genre?

The Big Short movie is all about serious things: The 2008 financial crisis (which banks blamed the bad things on immigrants, the poor, and even teachers) mort