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What is the difference between a historical drama and a period drama?

I've been under the impression that a historical drama is non-fiction whereas a period drama is fiction.

Is the genre "reality television" partitioned into the sub-genres "factual" and "scripted reality"?

Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents purportedly unscripted real-life situations, often starring unknown individuals rather

What is a "soap"?

I have read that "Dallas" is a soap, I know that it is a genre, but what are key elements of a soap? Is it just anything schmaltzy? Wikipedia does not help me

Is there an over-arcing term for this style of movie?

I am wondering if there is a label or term for the particular style of movie that provides just enough plot upon which to hang some specialty focused features.

What genre describes "Fact or Fiction" shows, such as "Unsolved Mysteries" or "In Search Of"?

I am trying to categorize some media and I am having trouble finding a name for shows that mix documentary / investigatory style with (openly) fictional / pseud

Term for subgenre of heist film where main character is a 'genius'?

Is there a term for a genre with "person v. society" narratives where a gifted main character attempts to exploit a system for great personal gain. The term I'm

What is the genre of a movie/character where someone stays low? [closed]

Some examples would be Spiderman: Peter Parker works as a Photographer but not even his aunt knows about his other identity until later. Mr. R