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Does Captain Tracey (Star Trek "The Omega Glory") resemble a figure from American history?

In the Star Trek episode "Whom Gods Destroy" (1969), I consider the character Garth a George Washington figure (whether consciously intended or not). He was a

When is Shane (1953) set?

The movie Shane (1953) is based on the novel Shane (1949) by Jack Shaefer. It is obvious that the novel Shane (1949) could have a precise setting date or a vag

Is the bird killing in The Prestige based on historical reality?

In The Prestige (2006), there is a magic trick in which a bird is made to disappear and it is revealed that the bird is secretly killed by crushing it flat to m

Did Neil Armstrong really do this on the Moon?

The film First Man (2018) is about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. In the movie, one scene shows Armstrong drop his deceased daughte

What is the historic origin of these Indian burial grounds?

I've recently watched two movies that feature the Indian burial ground as a plot point, however in these two films they both actually show a physical burial gro

Impact of Wonder Woman's action on the end of World War I?

In the 2017 film Wonder Woman, Diana finally kills Ares and we learn that World War I is over, but how does the killing of Ares impact World War I? Is there any

Is Mirzapur based on a real story?

Is the TV-series Mirzapur based on a real story? Mirzapur is an actual city in Uttar Pradesh. Also, Wikipedia says this place is famous for carpet business and

Did Queen's performance really cause Live Aid to clear $1,000,000 in donations?

In Bohemian Rhapsody, Bob Geldof is shown pleading with viewers to donate money. The phone bank operators are waiting for their phones to ring. Then, Queen gets

Was the character of Nicol based on a real person?

In Welcome to Marwen, Mark Hogancamp meets Nicol. Eventually, he chooses to rename the fictional town of "Marwen" to "Marwencol", named after himself, his rescu

How accurate was the use of the slogan "Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten!"?

In Babylon Berlin S01E07 Gereon Rath attends a party at Bruno's appartment which includes many veterans from the Great War, including Major General Seegers. It

Did the movie Trumbo change the director of Spartacus?

Shortly after Trumbo writes the script for Spartacus, he meets Otto Preminger, who says that he is "the director". It sounds like he is claiming to be the direc

Is HBO's Chernobyl accurate about the sequence of instructions causing reactor stall?

In the series finale of Chernobyl on HBO, Dyatlov orders Akimov and Toptenov to bring the reactor power down to 700 MW, as per the written test instructions, an

Why is Havana covered in 5-digit numbers in Our Man in Havana?

In the 1959 film version of Our Man in Havana, the streets of Havana are littered in signs with 4- and 5-digit numbers on them. Here's an example: Notice th

Why does Brigitte Mohnhaupt deliberately destroy the execution myth and how accurate is her closing dialogue?

At the very end of The Baader Meinhof Complex, after the efforts for pressing the RAF leaders free have failed and they thus commited suicide in Stammheim priso

Why do cars in movies set in earlier eras always look brand new?

Whenever I watch a movie or TV show set in an earlier era, all the cars look brand new. In fact, better than brand new; the paint is rich and deep, highly polis

How true to reality is the film Queen of the Desert?

Queen of the Desert is a 2015 biographical film about Gertrude Bell, an Englishwoman who spent most of her life in the Middle East and played a part in the esta

Was Prince Bertie actually known to do this?

I'm rewatching the British historical series, Victoria about the life of Queen Victoria. During the third season we jump ahead in time to a point where Victori

How real is the ending of the movie Ford v Ferrari?

The movie Ford v Ferrari (2019) starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale shows how Ford Motors built a car that beat Ferrari in Le Mans 24 hour race. In the end

Is the scene where Schindler discusses miscalibrating machines taken from true events?

I realize that the movie has many inaccuracies, but is this bit one of them? Is there any evidence that the Oskar Schindler wanted Germany to lose the war?

Does isolation in Moana reflect a real island?

I know polynesians went through a period where they generally didn't discover new islands. I've heard the movie Moana was meant to reflect the period when they