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Movie about a toy factory and war toys? [closed]

I'm looking for a movie about a toy factory. From what I remember, it was about competing sides making toys - one side made violent war toys a

What is the name of this movie with (intelligent?) ants? [closed]

I try to remember a movie I saw long time ago on TV. It must be at the beginning of the 90s, possibly the end of the 80s. The movie might be o

Movie about army reserve soldiers on rotation and they are stranded with combat knives [closed]

I am trying to remember the name of a movie where there is a group of soldiers from the reserve (or health backup? but there is indeed a docto

What is this 60's movie about small "mafia"? [closed]

Does anyone recognize this movie? The film is set around 50s/60s in I'm guessing New York. There are a few kids that caught a police officer

What movie is playing in the theater in Conspiracy Theory? [closed]

There is a relatively brief scene in Conspiracy Theory where the main character (Jerry/Mel Gibson) runs into a theater. There are a couple o

What is this recent movie about family secrets? [closed]

This should be easy for someone to remember. It was possibly made in 2009-2010, set in an isolated seaside town in New York. The wife thinks

Man pays woman's fare on a bus and falls in love [closed]

I once saw a movie about a man who pays the fare of a woman on a bus. From there he falls in love with the girl. They then become friends, and

What is this animated christmas TV Movie about a sentient ornament? [closed]

I have vague memories of a TV movie from the late nineties about a sentient Christmas decoration. It was called something like "the Littlest

Christmassy movie about a rat in a toy store [closed]

I suddenly remembered seeing a movie on T.V. when I was a kid. I have no idea what the story was about, but I remember the following things:

What is the name of the movie in which eating and toilet taboos are reversed [closed]

Can anyone identify a (possibly French) film where the cultural taboos about going to the toilet and eating (not at the same time!) are revers

Identify these plot elements from Tarzan movies [closed]

I recently re-watched Tarzan and his Mate (1934), and the surprisingly violent content in it reminded me of a couple of fragmented images that

A film about a boy and his big idea for society? [closed]

This is what I remember: A boy, living on a farm or so, tells someone, could've been the postman, about his idea, his big idea for society an

Late 90's/early 00's movie about a revolutionary leader and an agent hunting him [closed]

I do not have actors' names for the movie for which I am searching. I think it was done in the late 1990's or early 2000's. In the first scene

A girl lost in a strange animated city [closed]

From what I recall, a girl who is about twenty years old finds herself in a strange and gloomy stop-frame animated city. A very distinct sce

Strange creatures crawl out of the house's fireplace and attack the inhabitants [closed]

Approximately 30 years ago, I watched a horror movie which I have been trying to identify for years. The problem is that after so many years I

What ('70s cop?) movie is this from? [closed]

Can you identify this film? You can hear him say "...just what..." at ~0:57 in this clip. I guess he's a policeman in a '70s film, and ther

Movie where holding their breath makes people invisible [closed]

I remember watching an English language (probably live-action) film as a kid (on the TV, but I don't think it was a series) about which I reme

TV series about what a real man should be able to do on Discovery channel [closed]

Does anyone know the name of a TV series/documentary that ran on Discovery channel and is featuring a British actor whose name I cannot recall

Two foster kids talk (as captives) through an air duct between their rooms? [closed]

Several years ago I remember seeing part of a movie - perhaps even a TV only movie - but I can't remember the name of it. I think the premise

What is the name of this movie about a secret group of freaks/monsters [closed]

I'm looking for the title of this movie I watched years ago set in modern times where the hero comes across this society of monsters (mutated