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A 90's Sci-Fi movie about a town repeatedly attacked by a monster and then forgetting [closed]

I believe it is either a mid-90's or possibly later, US 'Sci-Fi original movie'. I am fairly certain I watched it on the Sci-Fi channel, thoug

Movie about robots from mid to early 2000's [duplicate]

There is a movie that I watched when I was very young (I'm talking around mid-early 2000's), though I can not remember it. But here is what I

Identify B-grade Sci-Fi 1970-1995: alien animal with long tail connected to researcher via cable, hallucinations, then bloodbath [closed]

I've seen part of a movie on a local cable network in the 90's. Movie was cut in the middle due to technical issues and I never was able to se

"Doppelgänger" movie identification [closed]

I watched this film a few years ago, I'd say it was released after 2010. I thought the main actor was either Elijah Wood, Jake Gyllenhaal, or

Trying to find the title for a black and white horror film with stage props coming to life [closed]

I'm trying to find the title of this movie from my childhood. Only scene I remember is that there is a theater and people are enjoying their

Can anyone help me find this sci-fi/horror movie with guys backpacking and an invisible alien? [closed]

I have very little to go on, as I saw this movie when I was very young. Here is what I remember. I believe it was an American made movie; mo

Movie about a daydreamer child who loses her father [closed]

It saw only the beginning of this movie when I was a child. That means the production date cannot be after 1995. It is possibly a 70s/80s movi

Movie where serial killer puts all the women he kills in the water like a "underwater garden" [closed]

The film is about this policeman, who tries to help one victim, who managed to escape from serial killer. If I remember correctly she had red

Which movie is this scene from: Failed chair door lock [closed]

Ive got a scene stuck in my head and I cant figure out where I got it from. A man finishes hammering a plank of wood into the floor of a r

An 70s or 80s horror plotting a large serpent or dragon living under a mansion in deep hole or well or chamber and eats humans [closed]

Title: Something about a serpent Approx Year: 1960s - 1980s not after 1989 Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Drama Location: Maybe UK or US.

Patrick Stewart film with naked aliens who turn people into zombies [closed]

Looking for identification for a film I haven't seen in a long, long time (maybe 2 decades ago). The film is in colour but I remember it bein

Horror movie about psychopath murderer parents who raise daughter to be perfect until little boy helps her out [closed]

I'm searching for a movie I watched a couple of times, in France, in 2012 or so. I would describe it as a horror (because of the murder scenes

What's this movie about a ship getting upside down? [closed]

I don't have much memories from this movie I saw on french TV a couple years ago. The story is about a ship getting upside down, a group of p

Crime tv series (older than 10 years) with stone circle [closed]

I'm looking for crime tv series that was realised between 2000-2008 Language: English Country: UK (not sure) Date: Older than 10 years I t

What is this movie where a father convinces his son that the concentration camp they are in is all just a game? [closed]

I remember watching a very interesting movie, in Italian language class, back in high school. The movie starred a famous Italian comedian, as

Woman loses her memory in the end [closed]

Unfortunately, I don't remember much about the movie. It was sort of about a man and a woman getting or being together. And in the end the wo

Which movie was referred in this scene? [closed]

Drushyam is a 2014 Telugu thriller movie starring Venkatesh and Meena in key roles. It is a remake of Malayalam movie of the same name. Exce

Mysterious motel and other wierd things/items [closed]

Unfortunatly I can't remember much about this movie I'm looking for. The protagonist (I think male) visits a motel multiple times throughout

Movie with "time loop" where historic figures are summoned through a mirror [closed]

I'm looking for a (dark?) fantasy/adventure movie with a male protagonist. The setting is Jules Verne like I guess. There is only one scene I

An alien lands on Earth, women believes he's good turns out he's bad [closed]

I remember watching a film some time ago (not more than 5 years ago, so the film probably isn't older than 2007 I'd guess). It was in English.