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Crime tv series (older than 10 years) with stone circle [closed]

I'm looking for crime tv series that was realised between 2000-2008 Language: English Country: UK (not sure) Date: Older than 10 years I t

Pink bird and turtle travelling in time? [closed]

Back in 2005-2007, there was a TV cartoon series being aired on TV. The show main characters were a pink bird and big yellow beak but didn't l

TV episode about patient who has revenge on plastic surgeon who botched his/her surgery [closed]

I'm not sure if this was an episode of "Tales from the Dark Side" or "Twilight Zone" or something else from the 90s (or late 80s). The plot wa

Name of old sci-fi show - man on a deserted planet, looking for a woman [closed]

I am looking for the name of an old sci-fi show of which I saw only a part in the 90's (in USA). The part that I remember had this person (I t

Movie/show about interracial relationship and drugs [closed]

I am looking for a TV show or a movie. The couple I remember from the show/movie were not the main characters. The show/movie reminded me of

TV short horror stories from 90's [closed]

I remember staying up really late when I was young (mid to late 90's) and watching a TV series with short horror stories. The stories weren't

Series with "dark" hero riding futuristic bike [closed]

I have very few details about it but here I go: I watched a few episodes on French television (Canal+ I think) during late 90s/early 2000s bu

Sci-fi/paranormal TV show from the 90s to 2000s - Female investigator [closed]

I'm trying to find out the name of an older TV show I watched when I was a kid. It was a supernatural/sci-fi TV show, and involved a widowed (

Scifi/supernatural TV show about two kids (brothers or friends) in a weird town [closed]

There was this TV show about two brothers or friends, about 12-14. It had scifi and I think supernatural elements. The only episode I remember

Movie or TV show with a flamethrowing badguy and a deathtrap car that raises taunting signs [closed]

I was three or four years old (late 1980s) and had been left unattended with the television. Something was on, probably from within the last