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What operating system does Tony Stark use on his office desktop?

I've been stumbling upon this problem for quite sometime now. What kind of Operating System (or what is it branching from (ex: Linux, Windows...)) is Tony Star

Can JARVIS be for real?

I know how naive I seem asking this question but was far too fascinated by the character JARVIS in the Iron Man movies to not ask this. Well JARVIS is nothing

Why didn't Terrence Howard play Jim Rhodes (Rhodey) in Iron Man 2?

Terrence Howard played Rhodey in Iron Man but Don Cheadle played the character in Iron Man 2. Was there any particular reason why Terrence Howard didn't contin

How did they create the hole in Robert Downey Jr.'s chest for the Iron Man movie?

Don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm wondering how they created the hole in Robert Downey Jr.'s chest so they can put the reactor there? H

Why does Iron Man/Tony Stark name his suits as "Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3"?

In the movie Iron Man, why does Iron Man name his suits as "Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3" and so on. How did he came up with that naming pattern?

Association between antagonists in Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 3

I was wondering if there was any relation between the villains of the first and third movie of the franchise. In Iron Man 1, the terrorists who abduct Tony belo

How are the face-in-suit segments of Iron Man filmed?

This question deals with the actors in a full-body shot of the suits, however I am wondering how the face-inside-the-suit segments are filmed, for example: Iro

How does Iron Man's costume serve to emphasize the aspects of his character?

How does Iron Man's costume serve to emphasize the aspects of his character?

Why can't Iron Man travel to outer space? [closed]

Why can't Iron Man travel to outer space with his suit on? What is the science behind that? Can't he use the material used to build the space

Does the Iron Man movie ever establish a convincing motive for the main villain?

It is revealed during the Iron Man movie that Obadiah Stane 'ordered a hit' on Tony Stark. This led to the attempt on Stark's life at the opening of the film.

Where was Rhodey?

In Iron Man (2008), when the convoy Tony was in was attacked, where was Rhodey and why didn't he die and/or help during the attack? It looked like there were 3

Iron Man further movie plans

Marvel Entertainment has released three blockbuster movies in the Iron Man franchise so far. Has there been any official comment from Marvel Studios and/or th

When and why did Tony Stark dig a hole in his chest?

In the beginning of the first movie he is shown in the cave with some wires hanging off his chest attached to a battery of sorts to keep the shrapnel out of his

When did Tony Stark learn to fight?

As indicated in the movies, Tony Stark is a "Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist", with no background in combat training. In the comics and cartoon series

Why didn't Coulson call SHIELD when he got wind of Stane planning to wipe out Stark?

In Iron Man (2008). So, Agent Coulson is trying to get an appointment to debrief Stark after his escape from the desert. SHIELD probably knows about the techno

Is Tony Stark the natural son of Howard Stark?

My Question is whether Tony Stark is the natural son of Howard stark?

Why weren't J.A.R.V.I.S. & Jarvis played by the same actor in MCU?

J.A.R.V.I.S. is the AI built by Tony Stark as an aid & house-help (Butler) based on Jarvis who was the aid & house-help (Butler) of Howard Stark, Tony's

Was the Iron Man video phone technology ever used in real life?

At the very beginning of Iron Man (and in other parts of the movie) we see Tony Stark, inventor of technology so advanced he can create a suit that builds itsel

How did Stane's guards gain control of the Ten Rings soldiers?

In the movie, in one scene we see Obadiah Stane arriving at Ten Rings HQ, while he and the Rings' leader are inside Stane uses some device to neutralize the lea

Why is Tony Stark so arrogant in the MCU?

We see in The Avengers that Tony Stark is not a Team Player, he does not play well with others. In every movie, including the Iron Man trilogy, he behaves a li