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How did Rhodey take the suit off in the military base?

When Colonel James Rhodes (A.K.A. "Rhodey") stole the Mk.2 Iron Man suit and brought it to the military base, and he was shown without the suit on when Major Ge

What is the name of element Tony Stark rediscovered?

Is there a name for the element Tony Stark rediscovered during Iron Man 2.? And is it being actively and currently used to power all his suits including the lat

What does Tony Stark mean by "I will waive my customary retainer" at the end of Iron Man 2?

What does Tony Stark mean by "Then again I will waive my customary retainer... in exchange for a small favor." at the end of Iron Man 2? What does this line me

How did Rhodes steal Tony's suit if it prevents unauthorized usage in the first place?

In Iron Man 2, Stark created additional Iron Man suits. During his birthday party, however, Rhodes was able to take and put on one. In a later dialogue, Nat sa

What happened to Steve's Shield in Iron Man 2?

In Iron Man 2 when Tony is working on trying to create a new element for his arc reactor, Coulson finds a familiar looking shield which Tony uses to prop a coil

Meaning behind Agent Coulson's number plate (easter egg?)

At the end of Iron Man 2, we see Coulson arrive in the New Mexico desert in a silver car. We are treated to a somewhat unnecessary close up of the car's number

What authority did the Department of Defense have to seize Iron Man's suits?

A major plot element of Iron Man 2 is that the Department of Defense (presumably) is trying to seize his Iron Man suits, one of which they get their hands on vi

Is it actually Mickey Rourke typing in Iron Man 2?

In Iron Man 2, Mickey Rourke plays the villain, Ivan Vanko. In several scenes, Vanko is seen to be a consummate hacker, typing away at the keyboard in a blizzar