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How did Li know that Po was alive end of Kung-fu Panda 2?

At the very end of Kung-fu Panda II, they show Po's father Li Shan living in the new Panda village in the mountains and Li Shan says out loud "My son is alive",

Why did master Oogway vanish with peach leaves?

Why did master Oogway vanish along with a whirl wind of peach tree leaves in Kung Fu Panda (2008)? And, why did he vanish just after the news of Tai Long's esc

Why couldn't Master Shifu contain Tai Lung and Po has to defeat him?

Why couldn't Master Shifu contain Tai Lung, forcing Po to later defeat him in Kung Fu Panda? Why is it that Master Shifu couldn't contain or defeat Tai Lung, b

Why couldn't they just give Tai Lung the scroll?

Why didn't they just give the scroll to Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda? Being the person Tai Lung was he would never have discovered its secret anyway and it would h

How long does Po train for before Tai Lung arrives?

After watching Kung Fu Panda, the training scene felt all too unreal -- the timespan in which they presented the training seemed to only take place over the cou

Is meat/fish eaten in the Kung Fu Panda universe?

The Kung Fu Panda universe contains both carnivores (tigers, leopards, wolves, crocodiles etc.) and animals commonly eaten, both by those and in Chinese cuisine