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How did Bud White survive a shot in the chest in L.A. Confidential?

In L.A. Confidential, an unsuspecting Bud White, while trying to aid Ed Exley, gets shot thrice by Dudley at the Victory Motel shootout. The Three Shots: Bud

Why did Sid give $50 to Jack for wrecking Reynolds's career?

In the neo noir crime film LA Confidential (1997), Sid meets officer Jack on the set of the Badge of Honor show: Sid: Reynolds is acey-deucey, not to mentio

Why did Jack Vincennes set up the three men in the Nite Owl case?

In L.A. Confidential when Ed Exley seeks Jack's help for investigating further into the Nite Owl's case, Jack refused. Then Exley said: Exley: Do you make the