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Were there any legal issues due to McDonald's references?

In The Wolf of Wall Street 2013, we see many references to "Working at McDonald's" all throughout the film: My question here is: Were there any legal issues du

Did American Pie have to license the name from Don McLean?

Did American Pie have to license the name from Don McLean in order to call the movie American Pie, since the title was taken directly from the song?

Was Rachel Zane talking about a poison pill?

Asked question on Money SE about conversation in Suits S04E04: You do that, it triggers a stock split. His shares double in voting power. Yours don't. My ques

Is it legal to show kids reaching orgasm with clothes on?

In Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013), a little girl is shown having an orgasm while flying in the sky with clothes on. The narration says that the girl is having an o

How do low-budget films go about movie ratings when they want to distribute globally?

Imagine a low-budget production that will be running on multiple festivals and cinemas around the world. After the theatrical tour they'll start home distributi

Are TV Producers and Youtubers allowed to use Hidden Cameras without consent?

In a video form the Phillip DeFranco Show "Shane Dawson Hidden Camera Concern, Rod Rosenstein Confusion, Telltale Games Shutdown, & More..." (24 Sep 2018) P

Reason for the uncommon German license plates in "Hanna"

Being German myself, I've noticed that the German license plates in Hanna have quite a strange format, it's something like B-123-ABC whereas the common form

Why do so many movie advertisements mention "Only in Theaters"?

I've noticed that advertisements for films and film-related merchandise in the USA that relate to films that are in theaters will almost always include the phra

Do actors get paid if their digital image is used in a movie?

These day we more often see actors in their younger ages. Do they get paid for that or can companies just model whatever they want with no need to pay to the mo

Why is the video game footage "re-created" (badly) in the AVGN movie?

In Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, there are some segments where old NES video game footage is shown. However, unlike in the episodes in the YouTube video ser