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Was the first season of Leverage shown out of order?

On Leverage, the first appearance of FBI agents Taggert and McSweeten in Season 1, Episode 5, The Bank Shot Job, where they briefly show up right at the end aft

The Italian from Leverage

The Italian form Season 3 of Leverage, belongs to some agency which is, as far as I know, never explicitly named in the series. Are there any ideas about what

Why did the marks think they recognized Hardison in s4e16 "The Gold Job"

In season 4 episode 16 of Leverage, the scoobies are attempting to con a brother and sister owners of a scamy Cash for Gold business. During the later half of

What does Mattingly give Parker?

Near the end of the Girls' Night Out Job in Leverage (Season 4, Episode 13), Craig Mattingly pulls Parker aside, telling her "I've got something for you." I did

When does Nate start to train the next generation of Leverage, Inc?

In season 5 of Leverage, Nate is obviously training Parker, Hardison, and Eliot to take over once he (and Sophie) retires. In "The Blue Line Job" (S5E2), Nate

Why was Sophie's role minimized in season 2 of Leverage?

In universe, Sophie was taking time away because Nate was, well, being Nate. Was there an additional out-of-universe reason that the role of Sophie Devereaux so