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Is Senator Morra on NZT or not?

Now, yes I know he is during the movie, but at the end he claims that the effects of NZT have been made permanent and he no longer needs it. But in the follow-

Has the denouement of Limitless been retconned?

In the closing scenes of Limitless, Bradley Cooper's character Eddie Morra reveals that he's weaned himself off NZT, such that he retains the positive effe

Where does the FBI get all its NZT?

I'm on episode 4 of the Limitless TV series. How is it that the FBI has an apparently "limitless" supply of NZT? Is it explained in the early episodes? (I've b

Why did Brian stand in front of the subway train the first time he took NZT?

In the Limitless pilot, when evading the police in the subway, Brian jumps on the tracks, calculates that there's an 80%-90% chance the train will stop on time

Did Brian Finch break the fourth wall?

In the TV adaptation of the movie Limitless, they introduced a new character named Brian Finch. Throughout the series, Finch constantly speaks with the audience

Is Brian Finch under the influence of NZT at night when he visits the club to hook up?

In episode four of the TV series Limitless, Brian Finch appears to be under the influence of NZT late at night. He sees diagrams of advanced scientific concep

What was the plan for season two of Limitless?

I was just wondering, how was the senator Morra plot meant to unfold?

Why did electricity go off when Brian Finch searched for "Eddie Morra NZT"?

2 or 3 times through out the Limitless TV series, Brian Finch tried to search for "Eddie Morra NZT" then electricity goes off as soon as he hits Enter. It felt