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How come that MIB's and his mother's bodies were 40-50 years old when found by Jack and Kate?

In episode 6, after they get rid of the bees, Kate and Jack find two bodies in the caves. We, later, get to know that they are Jacob's twin's and his mother's b

What is the reason some of the characters in Lost are named after enlightenment thinker?

I am now into Season 2 of Lost, and I notice that there are at least two characters in it that have the same name as the thinkers from Enlightenment period, suc

Why did the Others put Karl in the chair in Room 23?

I just found out that there is an epilogue episode to Lost, named The New Man in Charge, that answers some of the questions left open by the finale, for example

Where did the money for the Others come from?

In Lost, the Others are doing a lot of things which are highly expensive: Fake passports, the running cost of the submarine and communication. Some of them migh

What was the letter written by Charlie before he died in Lost?

Charlie Pace is a fictional character on ABC's Lost, a television series chronicling the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. Played

Season 2: Why was Penny searching for magnetic anomalies?

In the Lost Season Finale 2, some people detect a magnetic anomaly and call Penny. I have seen the whole series, but I cannot say how Penny is aware of huge ma

Why did Ben manipulate Locke into not entering the code?

In Season 2, Ben (as fake Henry Gale) was trying to manipulate Locke into not entering the code into the computer in the Swan Station. This was made clear in pa

Why are these people in the Purgatory timeline?

There seems to be a consensus that the alternate timeline (where the flight did not crash) which is shown in Season 6 of Lost is some sort of purgatory which th

How did the DHARMA Initiative fit into Lost's story?

I just finished rewatching Lost and as everyone well knows it was confusing to say the least. The ending seems to lean more towards a religious explanation of "

What is the origin of the visions of Walt, that Shannon experiences?

After the raft burns, Shannon sees twice Walt. My first thought would be that this would be the Man In Black, trying to get her killed, but it has been establis

Please explain the black monster's interaction with Mr. Eko?

In the episode, "The cost of living", after Mr. Eko does NOT repent from his life, the black smoke monster kills him. I thought that one of the restrictions fo

What happened with Yemi's corpse?

In the Lost episode "The cost of living", Mr. Eko is surprised that the corpse of his brother Yemi has disappeared. What happened with it?

How could the MiB change into this person?

It is known from Lost that the MIB ... ... can change his appearance into someone who has deceased, been killed. In one episode then, Shannon gets a visi

What was the symbolism behind pushing "The Button" in Lost?

Everyone who watched the Lost series could appreciate the amount of symbolism that the directors have put in. However, I could never understand what was the tru

Significance of Charlie's tattoo in the Lost series

In the Lost series, a young guy named Charlie has a tattoo on his arm that reads "Living is easy with eyes closed". Does it carry any significance within the se

Connection of the polar bear from comic book to the real polar bear in Lost?

In season one of Lost, there are few incidents of polar bears attacking the plane crash survivors. Specifically, around 15th episode, the bear traps Walt inside

Why didn't Locke realize his feet do not feel anything?

In the series Lost, when John Locke is trying to crack open the hatch, his leg gets pierced but he does not feel anything. He later tries to pin his leg and bur

Why does Lost have an unequal number of episodes among all seasons?

Lost seems to have an unequal number of episodes across its various seasons: season 1 - 25 episodes season 2 - 24 episodes season 3 - 23 episodes season 4 - 14

What was the mechanic noise behind the Black Smoke Monster in Lost?

In the Lost series, I could understand in the end, what was the Black Smoke Monster but I could never figure out the origin of the mechanic noise that followed

How did Hugo not lose weight while on the island?

Has always wondered, in Lost series, the "big" guy by name Hugo did not seem to be losing any weight while on the island. This seems rather impossible consideri