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Why did employees get fired before the big recession?

In the movie Margin Call, the opening scene showed people were being fired. In the consequent scene, Kevin Spacey, in his little pep talk says that 80% of your

Why is Eric Dale brought back to the firm for just one day?

In the movie Margin Call (2011), once the firm realizes that they need to sell all their derivatives before the market crashes, they pressure Eric Dale (the ana

Why did the investment bank begin firing employees by sacking their top quant and head of risk management?

In Margin Call (2011), Eric Dale is portrayed as a very competent quantitative analyst (and engineer "by trade") with 20-years experience in the firm. He seems

Why does Peter Sullivan do anything or report the firm's risky position?

In the movie Margin Call (2011), Peter Sullivan who is a Risk Analyst (not a partner or major investor in the firm), after being given a thumb drive with some d