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What's about the shirt collars in Goodfellas (1990) and Casino (1995)?

I recently watched Goodfellas (1990) and Casino (1995). The director of both movies is Martin Scorsese. But I noticed something quite interesting. The shirt col

Returning Properties in Martin Scorsese movies

I am looking for five properties which repeated in Martin Scorsese movies. I found already two: Practice in the Italian-American family. Criticism of Hollywoo

Is the visible mannequin in the opening car bomb scene in Casino (1995) intentional, and if so why?

In the opening scene of Casino (1995), Sam Rothstein gets into his car and is blown up. In the moment of the detonation, you can clearly see that DeNiro has bee

When did Martin Scorsese say "the most personal is the most creative"?

In his acceptance speech for the Academy Award for Best Director, Bong Joon-Ho - director of Parasite - famously said that "the most personal [filmmaking] is th

Did Scorsese know Nicholson would pull a real, unscripted gun on DiCaprio?

After 05:20 in the video Iconic Movie Scenes That Were Never Supposed To Happen the narrator says: In one scene, Nicholson totally surprised co-star Leonardo D