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Why can Bobbi and Hunter no longer work for S.H.I.E.L.D.?

I just watch S03E13 from Marvel's Agents of Shield, Parting Shot. Bobbi and Hunter were ultimately exonerated and released, but as a result of their sacrifice,

What were General Ross and Tony Stark talking about at the end of The Incredible Hulk?

At the end of the movie The Incredible Hulk, the one with Edward Norton, General Ross was sitting at a bar, drinking alone, when suddenly Tony Stark appears and

Who made Falcon/Sam Wilson's suit?

Where and who made the Falcon's suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is it that Sam Wilson obtained that advanced suit, along with all the high tech gadgets

What happened to Loki's scepter?

Is it right that Loki's scepter is no longer in existence now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the infinity stone on it is in The Vision now?

Who made Captain America's shield and where did the Vibranium come from?

From the Wikipedia article about Vibranium we know: It is most known for being used in the construction of Captain America's Shield, the vibranium was of an

Why couldn't "Doctor Strange" cast a Chinese actress for the Ancient One, but make the character non-Tibetan?

In the Doctor Strange comics, the titular character is trained by "the Ancient One", who is a Tibetan mystic. An interview with co-writer C. Robert Cargill note

Why does the 3D movie I just watched stutter? [closed]

We just watched "Captain America: Civil War" in the theatre. It was 3D and it was one of the technically worst shows I have experienced. The m

Why did Captain America remove his mask while fighting Batroc the Leaper?

Captain America doesn't have any secret identity, so removing his mask doesn't have much of any point. But while fighting Batroc the Leaper in Captain America:

Are the comic strips in the Marvel logo relevant to each film?

In each MCU film, you get the Marvel logo will lots of different comic strips flashing on the screen. Do these strip differ to cater to what each film is about,

What happened to the third post credit scene?

It was all over the news that Captain America: Civil War would have 3 post credit scenes. But in the final product we only got 2 post credit scenes: one mid-cre

What were the magic words used by Zemo and what's it referring to?

In Captain America: Civil War, Baron Helmut Zemo used some magic words to activate the brainwashing of the Winter Soldier. But these words seem a bit weird to m

Why does Captain America chuckle when Spider-Man tells him which borough he's from?

This is a conversation between Captain America and Spider-Man from the movie Captain America: Civil War: Captain America: You got heart, kid, where are you

How can Spider-man lift the Winter Soldier's metal hand so easily?

As I saw, the Winter Soldier's metal hand is very powerful. And in many combats with the Avengers it's been shown. But in Captain America: Civil War, when both

Why did Black Panther change his mind?

Yesterday I saw Captain America: Civil War. Captain America, Black Panther and Zemo had a conversation on the mountain. Zemo said he was sorry to have killed Bl

Why should Bucky know Black Widow specifically?

In the movie Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow told Bucky: "You could at least recognise me". What does that mean? Did they know each other during WWII?

Why didn't Iron Man bring "more suits" to help his team mates?

In Iron Man 3, we've seen dozens of Iron Man suits, "House Party Protocol". In Avengers: Age of Ultron, he designed the "Ultron" project, which in turn led to t

Why did the Winter Soldier do that to Stark's family?

In Captain America: Civil War, it's shown that the Winter Soldier murdered Tony Stark's parents after the car accident. We can see the Winter Soldier didn't tak

Wasn't Iron Man smart enough not to fight the Winter Soldier?

At the end of Captain America: Civil War Iron Man gets mad at the Winter Soldier when he finds out that he killed his parents. Isn't Tony Stark smart enough, th

Do political leaders get to see early screenings of movies?

I notice that in the recent movie Captain America: Civil War, the Tony Stark character uses the expression "off the reservation". Hillary Clinton, in an intervi

Why was Civil War billed as a Captain America movie as opposed to an Avengers movie?

So with the other individual movies (Thor, Iron Man, The first two Cap' films), individual Avengers may play cameos or supporting roles. In the Avengers films,