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In Iron Man, why is Tony Stark fooled for so long?

In the first Iron Man film (2008), Tony Stark is betrayed by someone close to him and it takes him (a demonstrable genius) several months to realize it. Why doe

In the marvel movies what order did S.H.I.E.L.D/Nick Fury appear to the main movie character

Which movie did S.H.I.E.L.D and/or Nick Fury first appear in and what order subsequently did the former appear in other Marvel comic book movie adaptions?

Why does Thor try to break out of the cage?

In the Avengers, why does Thor desperately try to break out of the cage / box while it is falling in which he is trapped by Loki if he is a demi god and immorta

Is the 2008 version of The Incredible Hulk meant to be a spiritual sequel to the 2003 version?

In 2003 Hulk was released to theatres with very unfavorable reviews and the director even calling it a financial failure. Due in part to this failure they rebo

How are the Iron Man suit scenes filmed?

In all three movies, you see Downey Jr (as Tony Stark, and occasionally Cheadle as Rhodes/War Machine) in the namesake suit, either completely covered, or with

What is the purpose or meaning behind the hot rod in the Iron Man series?

In several scenes in both Iron Man 1 and 2, there are several scenes with references to hot rods throughout both movies. Whether it be the screen savers on t

Pepper's comment about Latin

In Iron Man 2, Pepper and Tony are discussing Natalie and there's a discussion about Latin. Pepper explains that you can read Latin but you can't speak it? I

Is Hulk a pure CGI being?

In The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers, the Hulk is an obvious CGI character. However, I am unclear as to how much of him is actual CGI vs motion capture or

How much of Thor is based on actual mythology?

Not having read the comics at all and not being a huge mythology buff, I have only the general knowledge of some Norse mythology and Thor's (comic/movie version

Who was the guy in the scene after the credits in The Avengers?

After the credits roll on The Avengers, there is a brief scene that appears to hint at who the next villain will be. I thought it looked kind of like the Red Sk

Banner's control of Hulk in Avengers

During the climatic battle, Banner says 'That's my secret. I'm always angry', and transforms into the Hulk. Does this imply that Banner learned how to control H

In the Avengers movie, why did the Chitauri troops die almost instantly when the portal closed?

Although the Avengers is a great movie in most aspects, it has its own faults or in need of explanations in certain situations, such as: Why would Chitauri t

Why did Captain America give Nick Fury a ten dollar bill?

When Captain America walks onto the bridge of the ship, he gives Nick Fury a ten dollar bill. Is this because he is amazed by the ship or is it some reference t

Why was the Avengers movie called something different in the UK?

In the UK the movie is called "Avengers Assemble" Why was it given a different name in that market?

Why did The Hulk punch Thor while fighting the Chitauri?

In the climatic battle of The Avengers, we see the full might of our heroes teaming up to protect the world. However, one scene during this battle, while hila

What did Black Widow say?

In the film The Avengers, Black Widow is a Russian super-spy. In the scene that introduces her, it ends with her receiving orders to bring in Dr. Bruce Banner.

How did Thor and Banner know where to go?

In the middle of The Avengers, the team is split up after coming together on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Bruce Banner/Hulk end up in an aba

Why didn't Loki's mind control work on Tony Stark?

Right before the final fight, we see Loki and Stark discussing the terms of the upcoming battle, bantering back and forth between who will win. It is then that

Which related films do I need to watch before watching Avengers Assemble?

I am going to watch "The Avengers", and I was wondering do I need to have watched any of the films such as Thor, Iron Man, Captain America etc to understand Ave

How did Thor know Loki was on the plane?

During the movie Avengers, we are first introduced to Thor when he crashes the party on the plane, taking his brother Loki to get the location of the Tesseract