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Why didn't Kaecilius use the teleport spell to steal the book he wanted?

In Doctor Strange, Kaecilius goes in person to Kamar-Taj to steal pages from the book that contained a ritual. Why didn't he simply use the teleport spell to

Events between Thor: Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron [closed]

Age of Ultron happens after Thor 2. Why isn't Thor looking for Odin? Does it mean he hasn't found out about Loki posing as Odin? In Doctor

Can Loki control Vision?

As we all know Vision is made with the Mind-stone which was a part of Loki's staff. Loki has controlled this staff for decades. So does that mean Loki can als

Why doesn't The Vision chase Captain America and The Winter Soldier when they are escaping in the Quinjet?

In Captain America: Civil War, after fighting Tony Stark and his team in the airport, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are escaping in a Quinjet. The Vision could

Does time stop when the astral form comes out?

In Doctor Strange, Dr. Strange uses his astral form to communicate with the doctor. Dr. Strange uses his astral form s second time to find the ancient one's

How did Doctor Strange repeat the scene where he made the deal with Dormammu?

In this scene I saw that Doctor Strange was looping again and again and was repeating his dialogue again and again and Dormammu was killing him again and agai

How is Astral dimension in Dr Strange connected to reality?

The 'Mirror' dimension is completely separate from the 'physical' dimension (or reality), such that any changes in the mirror dimension do not affect reality.

What is the current position of all Infinity stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We know that there are six Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But as I didn't see the movies in the correct sequence I couldn't understand where

The hole to hell or "poor flashlight" [closed]

I try my luck over here Warning: This was a fun question for some, not for others. And now I know, I should have posted it in the physics for

Why on-screen report shows total of 4 LMDs, but later on one of them is human?

When LMD Fitz and Jemma check the base cam in episode 14 it shows all 4 (Daisy, Mace, Mack and Coulson) as LMDs, but later Daisy is not one. How? Another q

Punisher spin off in defender series

Marvel's Defenders cross-over series will be airing after Iron Fist, featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. In Daredevil season 2, the Pu

What is this net in the big airport battle?

In the big airport battle in Captain America: Civil War, when Falcon uses Redwing (his drone) to knock Iron Man out of the sky, there's a brief shot of what app

Why does the cape choose Dr. Stephen Strange?

I've seen Doctor Strange but I didn't understand why the cape chooses Stephen. I know that the cape is his Relic. Please answer in detail.

How did Kaecilius get set free?

In Doctor Strange, How did Kaecilius get set free after he was chained by Dr. Strange.

Did Jane really discover the Aether by accident?

At the start of Thor: the Dark World, Jane Foster discovers the Aether by being sucked through a space-time passage that has opened up, due to the approaching C

Does Stan Lee's cameo in Iron Fist have any meaning?

In the Netflix series Iron Fist we have this Stan Lee cameo in the final episode. Does this have any meaning, or is it just random like some other of Stan Lee's

Danny's phone in Iron Fist

In episode 11 of Iron Fist Danny says to Davos after breaking his phone because hand may track them, that he left his phone back at the compound. But he has a p

Where was Rhodey?

In Iron Man (2008), when the convoy Tony was in was attacked, where was Rhodey and why didn't he die and/or help during the attack? It looked like there were 3

Is that Luke's T-shirt Claire gave Danny to wear?

In Iron Fist S01E11, Claire Temple gave Danny Rand a used T-shirt to wear which had holes. I imagined it to be Luke's shirt but it was not too loose. Is it real

What is this and why does Gao never use it again?

In the final moments of Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 06, right after Gao mentions Danny's father, Gao uses some kind of power to throw Danny at a wall. What kin