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Was Te Fiti inspired by the Firebird Suite?

I recognize that there's an actual myth behind the creation of Te Fiti in Moana. But was her animated design: inspired by the character from Fantasia 2000

How did Maui live when he was human?

In the movie "Moana", Maui claims to have done many things: He lassoed the sun Pulled the islands from the sea Stole fire from "down below" Etc. Later in the fi

Why isn't Moana's grandmother the chief?

In the movie Moana, Moana is the daughter of the chief, and she's spent her whole life being trained for leadership. The thing is, her grandmother (her fathers

What type of knot do wayfinders tie in Moana?

In Moana, Maui the demigod and later a few Motunui sailor are shown tying this knot.

Why "Moana" is called "Vaiana" in Europe?

Can someone explain reasons behind changing "Moana" movie's title to "Vaiana" in certain countries? At first I thought that this is only my home country's (Pol

Does Maui really need his fishook to do magic?

Several timed Maui says he cannot do magic/have powers without the hook but in the scene where he leaves the tiny island in Moana's boat, he points at the sail

Does the giant coconut crab in Moana live underwater?

In the movie Moana, the characters fall into a giant cave with a giant coconut cave named Tamatoa. This environment looks like it is underwater: Moana encounte

Why did Maui try to abandon Moana in a cave without any food or water?

When Moana meets Maui on the island to bring him on the boat, immediately after finishing his song and dance number, Maui repays his potential savior by: Throw

How are all the chief's stones on the one island in Moana?

I'm confused about the origins of Moana's people. From the moment she finds out that her tribe was once wayfarers or voyagers, we hear stories of how Maui pulle

Do the themes in "Moana" reflect Western or Pacifica themes?

All movies have different themes, and Moana is no different. Moana is set in a Pacifica setting, but it was created by Western people. As an example of a theme

Does the village of Motunui as depicted in "Moana" accurately depict a Polynesian village?

Moana lives in a village called Motunui (which appears to be an actual place?). We get a fairly in-depth view of how the village works during the song "Where yo

Why does Moana say 'I've delivered us to where we are'?

During the song "I Am Moana", Moana mentions 'I've delivered us to where we are': We are descended from voyagers Who found their way across the world Th

Why was Māui having trouble with his transformation powers?

After Māui and Moana escape from the Realm of Monsters, Māui has some trouble with his transformation powers - like, having a shark head. And then,

How was the movie Vaiana translated into the European English version?

We already know that Moana is called Vaiana in all the European countries. I am from a German-speaking country but watched the movie in English, which I thought

Why doesn't Māui fly over Te Kā instead of fighting and getting through it?

While Māui could not fly through Te Kā in his giant hawk form to get to Te Fiti before the incident where his magical fish hook was severely damaged b

Does isolation in Moana reflect a real island?

I know polynesians went through a period where they generally didn't discover new islands. I've heard the movie Moana was meant to reflect the period when they