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What is the Butterfly-Effect in Mr. Nobody?

In Mr. Nobody, the concept of time-travel is blended with the butterfly effect. In the movie, when the old man tells his story as a child, he says that he chos

What was with the beggar in Mr Nobody?

In Mr. Nobody, In Anna's version of the story, it shows a woman beggar twice. Once when Nemo gives him money and second when she dies. I never understood these

Ending of Mr. Nobody

A simple question. At the end of Mr. Nobody Nemo decided to abandon both parents, how is it possible that he met Anna in the future? I can't figure out how he c

What effect does the non linear narrative of Mr.Nobody give?

The film uses a narrative that subverts from normal linear narratives. I would like to know why this is and what effect it has.

Was Mr. Nobody a profitable investment?

According to IMDb, the budget of Mr. Nobody (2009) was $47 million. However the gross from opening weekend was only $1,612, second month $3,600, even worldwide

How was the scene of the mirror in "Mr. Nobody" recorded? [duplicate]

How was the scene of Jared Leto looking at his reflection and the camera moving through the mirror recorded? This is the scene:

Where did "Nemo Nobody" get his name?

In the movie Mr.Nobody the character played by Jared Leto is called "Nemo Nobody" as in the First Name Last Name syntax. This we see when Nemo kisses Elise in t