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How technically accurate is TV series Mr. Robot?

How accurate are technical parts of the show Mr. Robot? How accurate it is in portraying the lives of hackers? I'm interested in tehnical jargon and the way Ell

If "Steel Mountain" in Mr. Robot is underground, how does that offer the implied vulnerability?

The Steel Mountain data storage facility in the series Mr. Robot is described as being an old mine. We see it has roads and enormous galleries in "L2" which doe

Is Mr. Robot in Elliot's head?

Having watched the first 4 episodes, I've noticed something rather peculiar: No one ever acknowledges Mr. Robot, except Elliot. Is there any evidence that Mr. R

Is E Corp from Mr. Robot a reference to a real company?

What's the closest real equivalent to E Corp from Mr. Robot? Not necessarily that they're super evil, but that they are present in many different industries and

Are there any connections between USA's Mr. Robot and Channel 4's Utopia?

There appears to be some strong similarities between Mr. Robot and Utopia. The stories are very different, but stylistically, there seems to be a lot of similar

Why did Elliot return to fsociety in the third episode of Mr. Robot?

This is a plot summary from Wikipedia of the third episode of Mr. Robot: at the party, fsociety leaks Evil Corp's emails that incriminate Colby for covering

Looking for connections between Mr. Robot and Fight Club

I noticed that the music playing during the last arcade scene in ep9 of Mr. Robot is a rendition of the song "Where is my mind" by the Pixies, which is the clos

Elliott's drug addiction in Mr. Robot

What is the significance of Elliott's drug addiction to Morphine in Mr. Robot? Also, was Morphine chosen due to name recognition over more powerful synthetics?

What happened to Tyrell Wellick?

Tyrell Wellick wasn't shown in the whole of last episode of Mr Robot. Although, Elliot concluded that he might have killed him, I don't believe that. What reall

Why did Vera kill this character?

In Mr. Robot Vera had an affection for Shayla, and the only one causing the problem was Elliot. So, why was Shayla killed even before Elliot tried to free Vera?

Is Mr. Robot in Elliot's head?

Having watched the first 4 episodes, I've noticed something rather peculiar: No one ever acknowledges Mr. Robot, except Elliot. Is there any evidence that Mr. R

How was Terry Colby framed in Mr. Robot Episode 1?

In the First Episode Terry Colby is framed for hacking into the server. All Elliot did was replace the log in the DVD/CD/Disc. There would be ISP logs both for

Why does Tyrell Wellick put on latex gloves in Elliot's apartment?

In the final episode of season 1, Tyrell enters Elliot's apartment to ask him about his plan. He begins to put latex gloves. Earlier in the season, we saw Tyrel

Who is Tyrell Wellick talking to in the limo? (s01e07)

In the early episodes, the show creators were very careful about putting Mr Robot into scenes, but not having anyone other than Elliot interacting with him. In

Why is Joanna sometimes seen in bondage in "Mr. Robot"?

I noticed that in an episode of season 1 and in season 2, we see Tyrell's wife in bondage. Why is that? Is there some significance or symbolism besides sex appe

Who was Elliot speaking to?

S02E04 of Mr. Robot, approximately 48 minutes in, Elliot says: Even make amends with those who I have unfairly wronged And hugs this man: Who was he

How did the team get the number of the supervisors phone in S01E05?

In Mr Robot, S01E05, the team attempt to social engineer Steel Mountain. When the supervisor they were expecting doesn't turn up, they alter their plan. Where d

Shouldn't Elliot have been caught or at least noticed outside of the prison?

I don't know what's considered a spoiler, so I'll put more than probably necessary in a spoiler block... At the end of episode 1.5 of Mr. Robot, Elliot and Ver

Can Darlene from Mr. Robot read Chinese?

In the latest episode of Mr Robot ("eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12"), in the very last scene we see Cisco's computer screen, which shows a messaging app and an entirely C

Why was Angela Moss so afraid of identity theft

In the TV Show Mr Robot, Angela Moss and her boyfriend are blackmailed into infecting the network at Allsafe Cybersecurity, or else face the consequences of ide