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Whose seat did Hercules Poirot take?

I just saw the new version of Murder on the Orient Express. At the very beginning of the film, Hercules Poirot manages to get a seat on the train because someon

Why did Pilar feel guilty in "Murder on the Orient Express"

In the movie Murder on the Orient Express, Pilar, played by Penelope Cruz, seemed to be a woman who chose to follow the righteous ways because she felt guilt fr

How did Poirot figure out one person's identity on the Orient Express?

I watched the 2017 Murder on the Orient Express film last night. After Ratchett is murdered, we find out that he was actually Casetti But how did

Why were so many character names changed in the 1974 Murder on the Orient Express?

In the 1974 version of Murder on the Orient Express, there were a number of character renames from the book: Ratchett's valet: Masterman -> Beddoes The dead