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What did they mean in "Looks like someone forgot to do laundry"?

In episode 1 of season 5 (Riot FOMO) of Orange is the New Black, there is a scene where Sophia see Humphrey's groin and says in kind of disgust: Looks like

Why can't Piper sidestep this dilemma?

In Orange is the New Black, Piper testifies in court regarding a certain person in her life. The question is whether or not to tell the truth, and Piper conside

Why are they counting 10 people missing?

This question is about the last episode of season 5 of Orange is the New Black, read at own risk of spoilers. At the end of season 5, after the riot team has c

How do they fact-check Orange Is the New Black?

I understand it is just based on or inspired by Piper Kerman's story, so most is made up. But how did the publishers and producers fact-check her story when the

What's the point of smuggling drugs into the prison?

Some of the inmates in "Orange is the New Black" do drugs. Why do people smuggle drugs into the prison? Since most prisoners are poor and not able to pay outsi

Why are the American flags backwards on the warden's uniform in Orange is the New Black?

Sadly, it needed me to get to the 4th season, till I recognized, that the American flags on the warden's uniform are wrong. They have the stars in the upper rig

What is the difference between the beige and orange prison uniforms?

In Orange Is The New Black, what is the difference between the beige prison uniform and the orange prison uniform? I've noticed some prisoners have beige and s

What is Kubra talking about at the end of S03E08?

Near the end of Orange is the New Black S03E08 Kubra says When a fucker gets so lazy he no longer bothers to buy burners to make calls on, that is too fucki

Can a private company make decisions over prisoners' freedom?

In Orange Is the new Black, the prison is bought by a private company - MCC (later known as PolyCon). There are numerous instances depicted whereby this privat

How accurate are deportation policies depicted in the show?

In one of the episode from the last season of Orange is the New Black, a character was deported even though she didn't commit any crime (except entering the cou