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What did Mako say?

Right before the detonation of the large nuke, Mako said something to Stacker. It wasn't subtitled and I don't speak Japanese. What did she say?

What was kaiju blue?

In the intro to the movie Pacific Rim, they mention Kaiju Blue being somewhat of a problem after a kaiju was taken down. I didn't quite understand what it was o

Was this scene an homage to Hellboy?

In one scene, Ron Perlman's character is eaten by a giant monster. This isn't the first time this has happened to him in a del Toro movie, it also somewhat hap

Why are those robots called Jaegers?

When watching Pacific Rim in German it didn't strike me much to hear those giant robots being called "Jäger" (hunters), only to be surprised by the fact th

Significance of the shoes

During the course of Pacific Rim we share with Mako Mori a memory of her childhood when she was saved from a Kaiju attack by Marshal Pentecost in his Jaeger. Du

How were the coastal walls supposed to block the Kaiju?

While I realise the futility of looking for logic in such movies, I'd still like to know if any plausible reason was provided for why coastal walls were conside

Why didn't they use the sword they had?

In the movie Pacific Rim the robots kept losing and almost at the last minute they remembered that they had a super powerful sword and cut the kaiju in half. Wh

Significance of the many unusual names?

I might go the risk of a slightly opinionated question here, but it seems to me that Pacific Rim employs quite some unusual forenames for many of its major char

Are Kaijus alien creatures or Earth based animals?

As per the size of the Kaiju, they seemed like they could be monsters from Earth, but in the movie they showed that they may be alien too. So I just want to kno

How did Marshal Pentecost know he and Chuck Hansen were drift compatible?

In the final battle of Pacific Rim when Herc Hansen had been injured Marshal Pentecost and Chuck Hansen pilot the Striker Eureka into the ocean. Chuck had conc

What did Hannibal try once?

I'm confused about a conversation in Pacific Rim beween Newt and Hannibal Chow. It's previous established that eyes can become bloodshot and damaged when a dri

Why would the Kaiju's appearances follow a pattern?

In the movie it is seen that the frequency of the Kaijus' appearance keeps growing in a certain pattern, we even see the scientists being able to calculate when

How big is Godzilla in the new film?

I'm trying to work out if the Godzilla in the latest film is biggest yet and how it compares to Pacific Rim's Kaiju. I know Scunner (the only Cat V kaiju) was

Can (Kaiju) DNA be scanned from a distance?

The Kaiju drift reveals the breach is secured by DNA fingerprinting. From what I can tell, the DNA matching doesn't require taking a sample from Kaiju. I'm onl

Are there deliberate Robot Jox references in Pacific Rim?

I stumbled across this gif and was wondering are there any other Easter egg references to Robot Jox in Pacific Rim? This seems too close to be an accident but c

What is the connection between Guillermo del Toro and the video game Portal?

In Pacific Rim, the voice of GladOS from Portal can be heard (whether it was in the Gipsy Danger Jäger or the Hong Kong facility, I can't remember). Del To