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What were the Halloween costumes that Leslie and Ann used in Parks & Rec episode 'Halloween Surprise'?

In the Parks and Recreation episode 'Halloween Surprise' (season 5, episode 5), Leslie and Ann don two distinctive costumes (see screen grabs), Is Leslie suppos

Why does Ron Swanson work at the Parks Department?

For me, it not really clear why Ron Swanson is working at the Parks Department: Ron hates the government. Ron has a lot of money. (He mentions several times th

Why does Leslie Knope love Joe Biden?

One of Parks & Recreation's running jokes is Leslie's deep affection for Vice President Joe Biden. She doesn't hold all politicians in such esteem, so there

What was the movie Tom referred to when arguing with Chris?

In the Parks and Recreation episode Operation Ann (S04E14), Chris Traeger was responsible for DJing in a Valentine's Day party. He was playing horrible music an

Who became president? Leslie or Ben?

In the final episode of Parks and Recreation, we are fast-forwarded to 2048, to see Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry's funeral. We are shown Leslie and Ben, surrou

Whom was Andy working for when he was a shoe-shiner?

In one episode, Andy states that he doesn't really know who his boss is. This raises the question, who is in charge of the shoe-shining business? We know that

Is there any connection between Liz and Ron’s office food pictures?

In 30 Rock, Liz Lemon has a picture of a plate of food in her office: In Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson also has a picture of a plate of food in his offic

Who is filming the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department?

In the first season of Parks and Recreation the general theme of the cinematics of the show are similar to "The Office" in that an unseen documentary crew are f

What philosophies does Ron Swanson follow?

Why does Ron Swanson believe in when he does: Not visit hospitals and let minor issues become serious Believe banks are not trustable and hoard gold Eat mostly

Why is there censorship in Parks and Recreation?

For a show I would consider more adult audience appropriate I find it strange they censure images, paraphernalia and language. Is this for dramatisation or is

Is the mockumentary format diegetic in Parks and Rec?

In some mockumentary shows, like 'The Office', the mockumentary format is diegetic, because there is actually a documentary being filmed in-universe. In others