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How was Deke Simmons married to Mimi Corcoran

In episode 7 of the show 11.22.63 Jake is recovering from amnesia and has the following interaction with Deke Simmons Jake: Thanks, Frank. Deke: It's Deke,

What were General Ross and Tony Stark talking about at the end of The Incredible Hulk?

At the end of the movie The Incredible Hulk, the one with Edward Norton, General Ross was sitting at a bar, drinking alone, when suddenly Tony Stark appears and

Why do the dolls attack everyone on the LOCUS SOLUS ship?

In Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Batou infiltrates a factory-ship owned by LOCUS SOLUS, while Togusa is hacking it externally. In the end, the dolls produced

Where was the money transferred to in The Night Manager?

In The Night Manager, episode 6: Before the weapons are destroyed Jonathan Pine transfers the first payment of 300M out of the tradepass bank account and i

Why does Alice lie to Zoe?

In Luther S01E01, Alice Morgan attacks Zoe Luther. During the attack, Alice lies to Zoe that John had assaulted her and had said that Zoe was dead amongst other

Hand drawings in "A Walk Among the Tombstones"

In the movie A Walk Among the Tombstones, what was the significance of the drawings by the young black boy that was helping Matt? It looked like drawings appe

Who was behind the bombings in Brazil?

Did I completely miss something, or did they really not explain who was behind the terrorist bombings in the film 'Brazil'? At first it's suspected to be the fe

Why does Zampa take the blame for Pierre Michel's murder?

In La French (The Connection) 2014 French film, Tany's associates are jailed after the heroin lab is busted and one of them comes up with a plan to organise Pie

Where is Prince Charming?

Plot of fourth Shrek Forever After deals with idea that Shrek was never born and therefore Princess Fiona had to save herself. But, plot of Shrek 2 shows us th

Ending of "Under Suspicion"

I just watched Under Suspicion (1991) and I'm not sure I've understood the outcome of the movie. Is it that Tony and Stassio's first wife screwed up everyone, f

What happened to the journal in the Butterfly Effect?

Towards the end of the Butterfly Effect, Evan accidentally kills Kayleigh, and is institutionalized, meaning he never writes most of this journals. However, he

Why is the bald man digging in the desert at the start of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier?

In the opening scene of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, there is a bald man that is digging in the desert who is then approached by Sybok. But what I don't

Who is "we" in Franks' monologue?

Episode 10 of the 4th season of House of Cards contains a fantastic scene of Frank intimidating Catherine Durant. When referring to himself Frank initially uses

how did Detective Keith Frazier & Detective Bill interrogate hostages?

How did Detective Keith Frazier & Detective Bill interrogate hostages face to face in Inside Man, if they are under captive of Dalton? Dalton released tha

Why didn't Graff or Rackham lead the Second Fleet?

If the generals know so much about war, why didn't Ben Kingsley (Mazer Rackham) or Harrison Ford (General Graff) just fight the aliens? I understand that the y

Can anyone explain this reference with Jeremy Piven?

In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Episode 2 we see a large box of DVDs with Jeremy Piven on the cover playing the drums with the title 'Own the Skins' being dumped

What is Stef doing in the opening credits of Goonies?

So anyone familiar with the opening credits of Goonies will remember that it introduces all the characters by showing them as they are going about their daily a

Is Neo living in two worlds inside the Matrix?

At the beginning of the matrix Neo is shown as a hacker and a computer programmer. Everytime you see a sequence of his hacker life, the sequence is interrupted

Why does the Puppet Master want to merge with Major?

In Ghost in the Shell (1995), there appears to be 3 intelligent forms Type 1: a completely organic person. Example: section 9's chief Type 2: a brain from a ty

Why does Mr. Hinx go to Mr. White's house even when Spectre already knew he is dead?

In Spectre, Mr. Hinx goes to Mr. White's house to terminate him. However, Bond approaches him before he did, and Mr. White shot himself. There was a camera insi