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Why did they not dig under the dome in the movie?

In The Simpsons Movie, the town of Springfield is covered in a giant impenetrable dome, leaving the people trapped inside. There is a scene showing various cha

Is Caravan meant to have the drum solo, in-universe?

At the end of Whiplash, Andrew plays Caravan with the band. He then goes off in a huge drum solo for the movie's climax. Sear

Why do the three workers have to go inside the power plant again?

I just watched Chernobyl Episode 2, and 3 heroic workers volunteer to sacrifice themselves and return to the power plant to take care of some water tanks. In e

How they handle the bets in clandestine fighting

I have seen this multiple times. The hero goes to fight at a clandestine location, bets are placed, money changes hands, but no ticket is given to the gamblers

Piece of paper that was given to the main actor in Yesterday?

In the movie Yesterday, there's this guy who finds out that nobody knows about Beatles music and starts to sing the Beatles songs and gets famous. However, two

In the Seventh Seal why does Death let the chess game happen?

The chess scene in The Seventh Seal is arguably the most classic scene in all of cinema: About a minute earlier the Knight has said that he is not ready and

Why does Yoo Eunsong forget S.O.U.L in her future vision?

In the final episode (episode 16 ending) of Top Management (Korean drama), after Yoo Eunsong changes the future in the last episode, why does she not remember S

Why did David Budd lie about Andy Apsted?

In the UK TV series Bodyguard (2018), David Budd lies about not knowing Andy Apsted. The truth was simply that Budd knew Apsted from his days in Afghanistan and

How does Woody not recall from before Andy?

In Toy Story 4, Woody makes the remark to Gabby that he was manufactured in the 50s at his best guess. If this is the case, he’s MUCH older than Andy. T

What's Beck's ultimate plan?

After seeing Spider Man Far From Home I'm still kind of confused as to what the villain's plan and motivation were. So basically what I understand so far is

Why did Reese go to Hell?

It's confusing, why did Reese go to hell in Lucifer S03E07, while he did good? It's not like he killed somebody: he was trying to expose Lucifer about being the

Why was Jonathan so quick to put out the fire on the monster?

In the US TV series Stranger Things S01E08 The Upside Down, Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve had managed to set the monster on fire: Not many seconds later, Jonath

Why was this act by Peter Parker needed earlier but not later?

In Spider-Man: Far from home, when Peter and Beck are at the pub, we see that Peter transfers control of EDITH to Beck with a whole voice command and confirmati

How was Will aware of the lights?

In Stranger Things (2016) Will Byers gets taken to the "Upside Down". But he manages to communicate with his mother, e.g through the christmas lights.  

What happened to Eleven at the end of season 3?

How did Eleven lose her powers in Stranger Things season 3? If it is from pain, then it is not consistent because there would have been more pain during the ev

Why didn't Thanos kill all the Dwarves on Nidavellir?

Thanos killed 300 dwarves on Nidavellir, thus stopping it from producing new weapons, but he did leave one single dwarf alive there, their king Eitri. He shoul

Why did Rose in the Titanic act as if others were guilty when she took a seat on a lifeboat as well?

In Titanic (1997), Rose says that people on the lifeboats would have to "wait for an absolution which would never come." I know she was saying that more because

Why didn't Nick Fury expose the villain's identity and plans?

During Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury learns that Mysterio is actually the "bad guy", and stages all the attacks on Earth. He had, or could easily get,

How did the music get into the transmission?

In Stranger Things Series 3 episodes 1 and 2 the characters are dealing with a radio transmission. They identify the source of the transmission from the music

What's the significance of this wearable item on Hanna?

In Midsommar, (2019) Hanna (played by Louise Peterhoff) appears to be wearing some kind of modern ankle strap/support. The item is black with red or orange trim