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Why did the girl try to kill herself in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film?

In the beginning of Sherlock Holmes (2009), Lord Blackwood attempts to kill a young woman during some sort of dark ritual and is thwarted just in time by Holmes

What does the ending of The Tree of Life mean?

At the end of the movie, adult Jack (Sean Penn) wanders through a wasteland, goes through a doorway and ends up on a beach. There he shares the screen with his

Did the FBI know about the mole in the police department and did they interfere with the investigation?

Frank Costello the mob boss, one of the main antagonists in The Departed, is revealed to be a protected FBI informant. Assuming that this is indeed the case, do

How does the son (R.L.) die?

In the beginning of the movie 'Tree of Life', Mrs. O'Brien (Jessica Chastain) receives a telegram (or was it a regular piece of mail?) notifying her that her so

Why does the dinosaur let the wounded dinosaur live?

Yes, we are all fascinated (or abhorred) by the inclusion of a few CGI dinosaurs in Terrence Malick's 'Tree of Life'. Personally, I enjoyed the dinosaurs thorou

Where did the speaking-disease come from?

In the movie Pontypool, the people have a disease that is transferred by hearing the mumbling of an infected person and thinking about it. Where did the disease

Are there specific plot inconsistencies in The Matrix Trilogy?

Lots of people reject both Matrix sequels, but do they have a good solid reason? Personally, I watched all three with the same level of wonde

Outcome of relationship at the end of 'Blue Valentine'

At the end of the movie 'Blue Valentine', as 'Dean' walked away from the home and sending their daughter back to 'Cindy' mean that they separate (divorce or som

What changes were made to the Star Wars Blu-ray and what effect did they have on the plot?

The recently released Blu-ray edition of Star Wars has a few changes made personally by George Lucas. The most striking is Darth Vader's "No!" in episode VI. Wh

Captain Miller's thought process in Private Ryan "School Teacher" scene?

As Captain Miller says to "gear up" after releasing the hostage, one of the subordinates refuses. What I am trying to understand is what the movie was trying to

Ending of Donnie Darko

I never understood the movie Donnie Darko. In order not to keep the question vague, what happens in the end?

Why does Harry only make use of time travel in The Prisoner of Azkaban?

At the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and Hermione travel back in time to save Sirius (and as it turns out, Buckbeak) and escape the Dementors. If this

Why isn't Bruce Willis's character in the Sixth Sense self-aware?

Why doesn't Bruce Willis's character realize he is dead? If I remember correctly, the plot takes place several months after he is killed. Shouldn't there have

How credible is the ending of Collateral?

Here's what happens at the end of Collateral (2004): The taxi driver manages to defeat a highly skilled hitman. Is it mere luck? Should we accept this a

How was the nuclear reactor failure simulated?

Maybe someone who read the homonymous book that The Hunt for Red October is based on can answer this. The officers of the Red October (except for the doctor) s

Origin: Spirits of the Past - Any ideas on who makes the 'phone call'

In Origin: Spirits of the Past, Toola at the beginning receives a (what can only be called) a phonecall which she doesn't end up answering. From memory, Shunac

Was Mr. Orange switching guns between scenes the first indication of a character shift?

In Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Orange (Freddy) switches guns between the bar scene and the killing of the woman in her car, indicating his loss of sense of self once he

Unrealistic story in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

In the Hindi movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, 'Taani' (Anushka Sharma) can not identify the 'Suri' (Sharukh Khan) until 'Suri' reveals the truth himself, This

What detail should I be looking for in Leonard in Memento to determine the plot?

I have watched Christopher Nolan's Memento more than once and I still can't get the real thing that happened. Yes I get that the movie is shown backwards, but i

Explanation of Jules' ending monologue

I partially understand Jules' ending monologue at the end of Pulp Fiction, although the full meaning doesn't click for me. What is he trying to say in simple te