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When was the picture of Lockwood's daughter and Maisie taken?

In the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, when Clair visits Lockwood for the first time at his estate, she sees a little girl and upon asking, Mills tells he

Do rocket scientists believe in fate? [closed]

In the movie Interstellar, there have been a couple of instances where we see the main characters, who are scientists, talking and believing i

Kidnapping of Aethelflaed by the Brothers

In the final episodes of Season 2 of The Last Kingdom, the Brothers Erik and Sigefried take London, then abandon it once the forces of King Alfred arrive to try

Explanation of Bajo la Rosa

Recently I have watched Spanish thriller Bajo la Rosa. To tell the truth I do not understand the final twist. The kidnapper after releasing the young girl (th

How did Odin keep Hela away from Asgard?

In Thor: Ragnarok moments before Odin's death he says My Life is all that held her back How did Odin keep Hela away from Asgard?

How does Gideon know the suspect is driving an American made truck?

In season 1 episode 1, Criminal Minds, Gideon is giving a lecture at FBI academy, he mentions the killer they are looking for exhibits the following traits: St

Why does Gerard say “I don’t care!” to Kimble in the tunnel?

In The Fugitive, when Kimble confronts Deputy U.S. Marshall Gerard in the drain tunnel, he says: “I didn't kill my wife.” Then Gerard says:

Why wasn't Miss Hannigan arrested?

At the end of "Annie" (1982), Miss Hannigan is seen riding on an elephant at the party but why wasn't she arrested along with Rooster and Lily for being involve

Rory and the engagement ring

In Doctor Who Rory was erased from time but the engagement ring was not. So how can the ring still exist? For that matter, how does the Doctor remember him if

What happened to Underminer in the Incredibles 2?

In the Incredibles 2, at the beginning of the film, the Incredibles get in trouble by trying to stop the Super villain Underminer. They fail to catch him, and h

Why did Merrimen's girl tell him "I did what you told me" after sleeping with Nick?

In Den of Thieves Nick went to a club and went to a hotel with a woman, who I think has a relationship with Merrimen. The next morning Merrimen randomly walks i

Why doesn't the family live next to the waterfall?

In such a horrible condition for living as in The Quiet Place, I'm not sure why the family didn't leave the house where they had to tip toe all the time and liv

Why exactly did Cartman let Kyle in on his voting scandal in Obama Wins?

South Park season 16 finale episode "Obama Wins" starts off with Cartman calling Kyle over to look at the boxes of stolen ballots- to which of course, Kyle vows

What happened with Steve and the sketchbook?

How / why did Steve catch on fire when Ann threw the sketchbook in the fireplace? Earlier in the movie, when she tried to burn the book (as instructed from re

What was the antagonist trying to accomplish?

Incredibles 2 starts with all superheroes banned because society has grown tired of cleaning up their messes, and perhaps because people are jealous of their gr

Where do you begin when you enter in the OASIS?

In the movie Ready Player One, we can see that a user can logout of the OASIS by removing the goggles (if they are not engaged in a fight). What happens if they

Which level player is Parzival in Ready Player One?

I saw the movie Ready Player One, and find out that one player gets level up going through the game and you can get special artifacts according to your level.

Why did that Police Officer chase after Annie when she got out of Mr. Bundles truck?

In Annie (1982), when Annie gets out of Mr. Bundles laundry truck, she starts walking down the street and a Police Officer starts following her. She starts ru

Why wasn't Peter grandma's favourite?

Since grandma wanted to get in Peter (posess his body after she died), why was his sister her favourite (as stated by her mother) and not him? Why weren't they

Did the Tattaglias know Luca Brasi was a spy?

As far as I understand from The Godfather, Luca Brasi's loyalty wasn't known outside the Corleone family, and the exchange before he was murdered was pretty fas