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Where did Han and Chewie take a shower in Solo?

In the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story after the escape from Mimban in the AT-Hauler Han and Chewie take a shower. Now I've only seen the movie a couple of

What is "thematic" about this keypad code?

In episode 7 in the TV series Safe Tom and Pete visit a bar called "Heaven" and observe a staff member entering the code 8-4-8-5-8-6 (or 84-85-86) into a keypad

Why would it be dangerous for a host to reach The Forge and get all the guest data?

In HBO's Westworld S2E9, Bernard says that in addition to The Cradle, which contains all the hosts' personalities, there is a digital repository called The Forg

Why do we never see the faces of Cobb's children? And why don't they age?

One thing that makes me feel that Cobb dreamed the end of Inception is that the faces of his children were never revealed. And weirdly, they don't seem to have

Who is the walker that Michonne saw in Season 4 Episode 9?

In the walking dead season 4 episode 10 After, there is a scene where Michonne gets back to the prison and sees nobody there. Then, she uses her old technique o

How did Jeanne know where Rafe's House is?

In the movie Middle School: Worst Years of my Life (2016), after Rafe has read that letter from his dead younger Brother Leo, his Friend from School, Jeanne, co

Why does Tony Stark say this sentence about foul language?

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man shoots at the fort and hits an energy shield, ending up saying Shit! and Captain America warns him with Languag

Does this character die in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Franklin stabs Dr. Henry Wu in the neck with a syringe of some sort just after Zia tells Dr. Wu that Blue's blood has been con

In Hereditary, how does Annie get into the attic?

At the end of Hereditary, there's a scene where Annie is banging her head on the attic door, then a few moments with Peter discovering things in the attic, then

Why did the US Military not assist in the Wakanda battle during Avengers: Infinity War

Looking for a strictly in universe answer, as the out of universe answer is obvious. A squadron of fighter jets (from any country for that matter) would have s

How did Barry keep up with his special diet in jail?

In one of the earlier seasons its apparent that Barry need an insane amount of calories to run so how does he keep up with this while he's in jail?

Why does this character have the dream?

By the end of Batman: Gotham By Gaslight it is revealed that: Commissioner Gordon is Jack the Ripper. Then why did he have a dream earlier about his wife

How does Thanos know when Gamora and others will arrive on Knowhere?

In Avengers: Infinity War on KNOWHERE, we have seen Thanos torturing the collector to get the information about the Reality stone. Later we get to see it's an

In Darkness, is Sophia really blind?

In the movie In Darkness, It appears to me that the blind sibling died and the sibling who wasn't blind pretended to be in order to get the main antagonist (bad

How did Teddy get into the Sublime?

In the Westworld Season 2 finale called 'The Passenger', it's shown that many of the hosts escaped into the new digital world called 'Sublime' by exiting their

With whom was Hannah Baker sexting?

In the 13 Reasons Why episode where Tyler says that Hannah was sexting someone in the court room, they never reveal the name. Is there any indication who could

Why do Predators only hunt Aliens on Earth every 100 years?

Per Alien vs. Predator's story Predators have come to Earth every 100 years to hunt Aliens from the ancient times. My question is, why do Predators only hunt

Why does Stormbreaker's handle stay?

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, we have seen Groot been erased due to Thanos' snap. So shouldn't the handle he made for Stormbreaker get erased as well?

How do they agree to believe the necklace might have slipped off Daphne's neck?

In the movie Oceans Eight - in the scene when Weil tries on the necklace on Daphne they find out that the necklace can be opened only by the special magnet carr

Why did Dolores do this to Bernard at the series ending?

At the end of Westworld's second season, Dolores has escaped in Charlotte's body to Arnold's mansion. From the wiki: Dolores reactivates [Bernard], cautioni