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How much of Melissa McCarthy's role in "Bridesmaids" was improvised?

In the 2011 film "Bridesmaids," Melissa McCarthy plays Megan, the no-nonsense, carpal tunnel afflicted sister of the groom and one of the titular bridesmaids. A

What's taking Sin City 2 so long?

According to Wikipedia, Robert Rodriguez announced that he would do Sin City 2. The latest update, according to Wikipedia, is that they're almost done writing

Production company(s?) for "Face Off" and "Ink Masters"

I've been watching SyFy's series "Face Off" (IMDB) since its first season debut. Recently, I watched an episode of SpikeTV's "Ink Master." I'm not typically a

How can a studio make a biographic film like The Social Network?

Do the film makers take permission of all the real people (that were portrayed in the film) before making the film? If not, is it okay / legal for anyone to ma

What is the science behind making actors appear different?

Captain America, Lord of The Rings and The Social Network have each used a technique where an actor has either been shrunk down (Captain America & LoTR) or

What process does a production company have to go through in order to obtain a 'high profile' actor/actress?

While the definition of a High Profile actor/actress may be a bit subjective on its own; lets just figure it is determined by the financial (an objective quanti

How are the Iron Man suit scenes filmed?

In all three movies, you see Downey Jr (as Tony Stark, and occasionally Cheadle as Rhodes/War Machine) in the namesake suit, either completely covered, or with

Why do panelists on British panel shows have a pen and paper which they seem to use regularly?

I personally find British panel shows to be among the funniest shows you can find on TV. One common occurrence I've noticed is that the panell

Are fictional trademarks or brand names used in movies and TV legally held?

I saw this article and it got me thinking about fictional brands we see in movies and TV. Are they actually applicable trademarks? Meaning are they register

What is the reason for choosing Mary Jane over the Gwen Stacy in the 2002 Spider-Man movie?

As per the original storyline of Spider-Man Gwen Stacy is the first serious love of Peter Parker (Betty Brant is the first relationship of hi

Why was Not Safe for Work repremiered as Clipaholics?

A long while ago, a new TV show called Not Safe for Work premiered on truTV. It was a total crap show and I didn't enjoy a moment of the two episodes that aired

Why the discrepancy between the sound levels of dialogue and music in older movies?

I've been watching a lot of older films lately (older, in this instance reads "circa 80's and 70's" and mainly in the Sci-Fi and action genres

Why are 3D films so dark?

Why are 3D films so dark? I watched Brave yesterday and the film was so dark (light wise) in places that it was hard to make out what was happening. Why are 3

Green Colour of Blood in "Mankatha"

In The South Indian Tamil Movie, 'Mankatha' why is the colour of blood shown to be Green in the main character's imagination? The movie is miles far from anyth

Does the single season of Flash Forward manage to finish up plot points?

Did the production team get a chance to wrap up the Story arcs or were there major plot point left unfinished that they intended to finish in subsequent seasons

Why does America's Got Talent have so many executive producers?

I was watching America's Got Talent last night, and during the opening credits was struck by the number of executive producers listed. It seems to grow longer

Why did the ending change in the Fight Club adaptation?

Recently finishing up the book Fight Club after being a fan of the movie for so long. While the movie retains most of the dialogue and several tones of the boo

Why did the writers choose this development for Moriarty?

Professor Moriarty is generally known as the greatest villain Sherlock Holmes has ever faced. I know that Sherlock was planned to end after the second season,

Was Bane's dialogue spoken during filming or dubbed in during post?

In the film The Dark Knight Rises, Bane wears a mask that covers the bottom half of his face. This obscures his mouth and jaw such that it's pretty hard to tel

Was the opening scene in Dark Knight Rises there in the original script?

I know it was a great scene and established where the Dr. came from but it wasn't really necessary. If you take that scene out, Bane's first reveal is in the se