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Why were there Sylvester Stallone movie references?

In Beverly Hills Cop II, there are several references made about Sylvester Stallone's movies: This image shows a movie poster of Rambo (a Sylvester Stallone fi

In movie production, what exactly happens on the other side of phone calls?

There is a small scene that bothers me in the movie Batman Begins. It's a trivial thing, but it prompted a more general question. Rachel Dawes is visiting Br

What were the production reasons behind S05E19 of "Stargate: Atlantis"?

Seeing as how this is a production/behind-the-scenes question, I'll ask it here instead of the Sci-Fi SE. Episode S05E19 of Stargate: Atlantis, titled "Vegas",

Was there a TV show that returned for another season after declared as finished? [closed]

TV shows usually run for several seasons (might also be one), then finished, with the production company officially declaring there won't be m

Is there any CGI used in Dunkirk?

Given what I know about Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker, I would expect a heavier emphasis on practical effects. However, even with movies like Fury Road, wher

How does the first assistant camera focus if the director is pointing the camera?

On a film crew there is often a "first assistant camera" whose job it is to focus the camera, which is complex because the subject could be moving or changing,

What is "distorting wide angle for a medium shot"?

In this review of M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, it says: And once again he uses camera tricks—like distorting wide angles for medium shots—to crea

Why are they avoiding showing Arys Oakheart's face?

Game of Thrones edited out a lot of characters/stories from books like Lady Stoneheart (which is discussed here) and even shortened the stories of a few charact

How do film makers record the President of the United States?

Some action films feature a scene, often at the beginning of the movie, where the acting President of the United States is seen talking about an issue related t

How exactly are subtitles and closed captions written for movies?

How are subtitles written for movies? Does a person simply write it down line by line, perfectly syncing with the assigned time-frame, or is there an easier way

What is a B-Roll?

I stumbled upon a B-Roll of Lucy while looking around on It was quite interesting in giving a "behind the scenes look" at the production of the movie.

How are films dubbed into different languages?

This might seem like a simple question, but I believe the answer isn't so simple. One might think that lines of dialogue are only directly translated, as though

Why do some TV scenes include many sex scenes when it obviously leads to worse ratings? [closed]

It is obvious that fewer people will watch a TV show if it includes many sex scenes. Children will be disallowed to watch it, families with ch

What is the significance of making Eddie a hopeless virgin?

1990's It (TV Mini-Series) is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. While going through our sister site's questions and the novel's Wikipedia page,

How are answers judged on Dutch TV quiz show "De Slimste Mens"?

The Belgian and Dutch TV quiz show De Slimste Mens (The Smartest Human) sees celebrity contestants competing against each other. Some rounds call for one exact

Why are "audience decides what happens"-movies not a thing? [closed]

When I was a kid, I used to read those books where, at certain points in the book, you'd be given a choice, essentially control over what the

Why are plot holes the most common mistakes made in movies? [closed]

There are many movies these days with plot holes in them, such as: The Maze Runner: the Gladers making their escape into the maze to get out,

Why are portraits of David Crockett and Sam Houston on the wall in Naked Gun?

On the wall of Inspector Drebbin's home in The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult are portraits of David Crockett and (probably) Sam Houston, both adopted Texan

Are (literal) cliff hangers still used as cliffhangers?

The first recorded cliffhanger (sudden dramatic plot changes at the end of an episode, with the intention of encouraging the audience to view the next episode)

How does movie music staff know all the less known songs?

Let's take for example Lucifer. In episode 10, season 1 there's a scene and some music plays in the background. After googling the lyrics I found this song. It