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Green Colour of Blood in "Mankatha"

In The South Indian Tamil Movie, 'Mankatha' why is the colour of blood shown to be Green in the main character's imagination? The movie is miles far from anyth

Does the single season of Flash Forward manage to finish up plot points?

Did the production team get a chance to wrap up the Story arcs or were there major plot point left unfinished that they intended to finish in subsequent seasons

Why does America's Got Talent have so many executive producers?

I was watching America's Got Talent last night, and during the opening credits was struck by the number of executive producers listed. It seems to grow longer

Why did the ending change in the Fight Club adaptation?

Recently finishing up the book Fight Club after being a fan of the movie for so long. While the movie retains most of the dialogue and several tones of the boo

Why did the writers choose this development for Moriarty?

Professor Moriarty is generally known as the greatest villain Sherlock Holmes has ever faced. I know that Sherlock was planned to end after the second season,

Was Bane's dialogue spoken during filming or dubbed in during post?

In the film The Dark Knight Rises, Bane wears a mask that covers the bottom half of his face. This obscures his mouth and jaw such that it's pretty hard to tel

Was the opening scene in Dark Knight Rises there in the original script?

I know it was a great scene and established where the Dr. came from but it wasn't really necessary. If you take that scene out, Bane's first reveal is in the se

How do the Whale Web Cams on Revenge TV Series work?

On the TV Series Revenge Nolan has has those awesome little cameras in the shape of a whale. I know the series is fictional, but they way he uses them in terms

Why are the plot recap and opening title sequence of The West Wing in standard definition when the rest of the episode is high definition?

The West Wing was shot on film and six of the seven seasons were broadcast in high definition. Warner Brothers made all seasons available in high definition th

What was the first film or television show that used computer generated credits?

I imagine, but do not know for sure, that in the early days of film and television, credits were filmed on a second reel and added to the production after the f

What's the difference between the professional titles "writer" and "screenwriter"?

I'd like to know the difference between the professional titles "writer" and "screenwriter" in the context of movies. Please notice that I'm not a native Englis

Why does the Amazing Spider-Man not have the natural power to shoot web?

I have been watching Spider-Man movies from the start. The recent movie I watched was The Amazing-Spider Man. But the difference I found in this movie and the

Is there a symbolic reason for the rotating lab assistants on Bones, or was it a production decision?

After the main lab assistant, Zack Addy, was found to be in cahoots with an evil character a few seasons ago, the role of the lab assistant on Bones has been pl

Disclaimer of a movie: Can it really save the producers?

It is usual in films to use Disclaimer in it to reduce the possibility of legal action for libel from any person who believes that he or she has been libeled vi

Why are there typically no more than 24 episodes in a TV Season?

I noted that there is typically a maximum of 24 episodes per a season in a TV show. What is the reason for that?

What is the green background? ("green screen")

What do you call the green backgrounds which are used to create CGI backgrounds, weather reports etc. Why is green color always used?

What happened to the production between seasons 5 and 6 of the 2003 TMNT series?

The sixth season of the 2003 TMNT cartoon marked a distinct change from the earlier series; a lighter tone, aimed at a lower aged audience (over use of catch ph

Why are there different audio levels for different languages?

I was watching the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers on Apple's trailer site. I watched the Announcement in English (US) and then the UK and AU versions and I no

What's the significance of the Disney movie intro ident?

At the start of recent Disney movies, there's a short 30 second animation of a river with an old sailing ship, a bridge with a steam train and then the familiar

How does the budget breakdown for a US TV season compare to a UK TV Season?

Firstly, regardless of the total amount how is the budget for a US TV Season of twenty odd episodes typically broken down? What percentage goes on writing, sets