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Why are American and British TV-series often so different in style? [closed]

I've noticed that American TV-series often use a lot more of dramatic narration and music, repetition of dialog and scenes, and a fast paced a

Why was "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" (1995) Filmed in Sydney, Australia?

I wonder why the 1995 Action Film Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was Filmed in Sydney, Australia (standing in for Angel Grove, California). I mean, various Sydney

Did the creators manipulate the animation frame rate for specific visual effects?

Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a particularly richly animated film with an amazing variety of animation styles used to reflect the different universes its

Identify this studio's logo or trademark [closed]

During the opening credits of a recent (circa 2019) movie², one of the studios in the queue¹ used a logo/trademark that reminded me

Real or fake arcade machine in the Foot Clan scene?

I can't find a screen cap or video clip of this scene for this VERY specific question, so bear with me. I was hoping perhaps someone had seen a "making of" the

Political Consultants on The West Wing

Did 'The West Wing' use political consultants on the show much like procedural medical shows use doctors as consultants? Or was the politics depicted in the sh

What is the relationship between the theme songs in Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie) and Sherlock (BBC series)?

I've just started binge-watching the BBC series Sherlock. The first episode aired 7 months after the release of the movie Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downe

Why is the clapperboard tilted when shooting Sherlock scenes?

Netflix offers behind-the-scenes videos of the making of Sherlock on BBC. In those videos, at the start of a shot on set, the clapperboard is held level while t

Why is People's Court unavailable on streaming services and other media?

People's Court became my guilty pleasure a few years ago and I've been happily watching new episodes daily at lunch since. However, there are not nearly enough

Why is audio so often out of sync when the actors are filmed from behind?

I've noticed that in almost every TV show or movie I've ever seen, the audio does not sync up with the actor's jaw/mouth movements when the actor is being filme

Why did Hobbs & Shaw cut their action scene this way?

I went to the movies today to see the opening of "Hobbs & Shaw", a Fast & Furious production. I'm not going to go into details about the movie itself, j

Did silent film actors actually say their lines or did they simply improvise “dialogue” while being filmed?

Been watching some old Buster Keaton films. And—as is the case with silent films—there are title cards that convey setting, place and even show a fe

Were Morgan Freeman's scenes filmed separately and spliced in later?

In "Now You See Me 2", most (all?) of the scenes with Morgan Freeman look like they were filmed separately with standings playing the other actors. This is esp

Why did they use CGI in this scene of "Hobbs & Shaw"?

At the end of Hobbs & Shaw in the scene with the downed helicopter in the rain, it seemed very obvious to me that Jason Statham's character was extremely CG

How do comedy and news shows get access to so many clips from other networks' shows?

Watching a show like Last Week Tonight or any of the evening cable shows, I have often wondered how they get access to all the video clips they show (or montage

Why do cars in movies set in earlier eras always look brand new?

Whenever I watch a movie or TV show set in an earlier era, all the cars look brand new. In fact, better than brand new; the paint is rich and deep, highly polis

Why were movies shot on film shot at 24 frames per second?

Title says it all! Nowadays, everything is digital, frame rates vary and are displayed properly by media playback devices depending on need, requirement or des

Did "Raiders of the Lost Ark" have a deleted scene with a Nazi soldier killing an hostage?

I have a faint recollection of reading that a scene was filmed for Raiders of the Lost Ark where a sympathetically portrayed German soldier was ordered to kill

Shooting films silently and adding the sound afterwards

I read that some films were shot completely silent. The talking and sound was added afterwards. This allowed actors to speak in their own language (different fo

Why did "Star Trek" shift, as a franchise, from being a NBC thing (1960s) to being first-run syndicated (and eventually UPN) in its revival?

I always wondered why a show associated with CBS these days, was originally on NBC, in its original 1960s Broadcast. And why TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager e