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What are these cartridges that many characters have in the Star Wars movies?

Admiral Ozzel has them on both sides of his uniform (upper chest). Most Imperial officers seem to have them. Han, pictured also here, has three such cartridge

Any James Bond films that used a Ford Mustang? [closed]

Are there any James Bond films in the "canon" other than "Goldfinger" where one of the principals used a Ford Mustang in a high performance sc

What kind of blood do they use in movies for bloody scenes?

I always wondered what kind of blood is used in movies. I thought it could be from animals or color or least possibly human blood which I am sure will not be le

What type of keyboard is Caden Cotard using?

Movie Title: Synecdoche, New York (2008) Did director charlie Kaufman create this keyboard for the movie or does it really exist? It looks so different.

Is the Bolton sigil meant to look like the British Flag?

In season 6 episode 9 of Game of Thrones, we see the Bolton sigil quite a few time on various flags and shields. It just struck me how much it looked like the B

Why is Mr. Wonka's office appointed with half of everything?

In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), everything in Wonka's office is cut in half: half a desk, half a sink, half a safe, half a bust, etc. Why is t

What is this dog really biting in The Thing?

In John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), when the infected dog is transforming and scaring the crap out of the other dogs, one of them jumps up and bites the chain

What was the original Robocop's suit prop made of?

Does anyone know what the Robocop's suit prop was made in the 1987 movie Robocop? Is it metal or just clothing like metal? When they were shooting the movie did

Sandcrawler, real or fake?

In the Star Wars movie "A New Hope", there were some small creatures called Jawas on the planet Tatooine. They were using a big vehicle and its name is Sandcraw

What was the device named by fans of Star Trek?

This article and many others has a quote from Star Trek: Beyond writer Simon Pegg, saying that while writing the script, he reached out to Memory Alpha for help

Sable Ranch Dragon's Head set/prop? [closed]

Sable Ranch, a California ranch used as an outdoor filming location for numerous films and TV shows, was hit by a wildfire on July 24th. CNN r

Are the Comic-Drawings in Spaced from Simon Pegg?

In the series Spaced Simon Peggs character is a comic-drawer. I want to know if the drawings shown in the series are really from Simon Pegg or from someone else

Why are dolls, teddy bears, etc. used as horror objects in horror films?

In many horror films, toys such as dolls, teddy bears, and puzzle boxes are used as objects which the spirits/ghosts use to scare people. Some examples would be

What is the history behind Scotty's hidden freezer and bottle of Scotch?

In the Star Trek TOS Episode s2e21 "By Any Other Name", there are some scenes involving Montgomery Scott attempting to get an alien drunk. Part of the gag has h

What was the prop the sample Spock shatters with a squeeze made of?

In the Star Trek original series episode "Balance of Terror", there is a briefing room scene. In the scene, Spock holds up a sample of recovered debris. Spock's

Basis of the CGI model of SS Botany Bay in ST:TOS "Space Seed" re-release

In the original release of the Star Trek TOS episode "Space Seed", shots depicting the exterior of the Botany Bay only ever show it in profile, never revealing

What is the round object given to Philippe by Papa Rudy?

What is the roundish object given to Philippe by Papa Rudy in The Walk (2015)? It appears to bear some resemblance to a tape measure. And what is the significa

What exactly are those typical bean dishes in Italo Western?

If you look at the typical Italo Western there is a common theme of eating. Both heroes and villains are eating a typical bean sludge dish in a frying pan by ha

When did the lighter to the spilled gasoline scene begin?

In several movies there's a repeated scene. Someone wants to start a huge fire, or burn something, or make stuff explode. So they spread some kind of fuel aroun

What is the significance of Pink Bunny in Silent Hill: Revelation?

In Silent Hill: Revelation, a Pink Bunny Teddy-bear is shown a lot in Heather's aka Sharon's dreams and reality too. What was the significance of featuring the