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Does the Rube Goldberg machine used in the Elementary intro credits fully exist (and work)?

The intro sequence for the CBS show Elementary has a Rube Goldberg machine that actually captures the general flow of an episode quite well:

What's the significance of this wearable item on Hanna?

In Midsommar, (2019) Hanna (played by Louise Peterhoff) appears to be wearing some kind of modern ankle strap/support. The item is black with red or orange trim

What gadget does Will have on his wrist in "Stranger Things" S03E08?

Here are two screenshots from Stranger Things S03E08 with the gadget in question: It does not look like a wrist watch. Is it maybe some kind of portable vi

Was Geordi's VISOR ever spelled lower-case in "Star Trek: TNG" scripts?

Reference materials for Star Trek spell the visual aide used by character Geordi LaForge as the acronym VISOR, instead of the word visor. Was this also the cas

Why do cars in movies set in earlier eras always look brand new?

Whenever I watch a movie or TV show set in an earlier era, all the cars look brand new. In fact, better than brand new; the paint is rich and deep, highly polis

Why is Darkman being "rotated"?

In 1990 movie "Darkman", after the protagonist is seriously injured, he is put on some rotating machine, as the other patients of the hospital. What are these

Was the HBC (Hudson's Bay Company) mug a deliberate prop in "The Princess Bride"?

In "The Princess Bride", Peter Falk is seen holding an HBC mug with the distinctive green/red/yellow/indigo stripes of the Hudson's Bay Company: Was this prop

What is the red cord around the chest of Shaolin fighters?

Two Champions of Death (1980) made me wonder why one of the Shaolin fighters has red cords tied all around his chest over his jacket. I've seen this before in o

Why are needles pushed in so far in movies?

Having seen a lot of needles used in movies I've always wondered why they are inserted so deep - it's like they're trying to inject stuff into the bones! Why a

Do Harry Potter scarves in the movies have house emblems?

I've bought officially licensed Harry Potter scarves (the kind the kids wear, which have different colours for each house), however they come with a house emble

How was the Etch a Sketch art of Mona Lisa made for Elf?

In the movie Elf, at one scene an Etch a Sketch is shown with an amazingly accurate rendition of the Mona Lisa drawn on it. Of course, it's really hard to draw

What exactly is ALF?

We all know and remember the 1980's family sitcom ALF. He is a cat-eating, food-loving alien from the planet Melmac. One thing that I have always wondered: wh

Electric portable lamps in 1917 - how realistic is this depiction?

I've just seen "1917" and when Schofield and Blake were in enemy trenches - the rat tripwire scene - they were using some portable lamps. My question is - how

What is that attachment on the telephone?

In The Wire, I noticed there was an attachment on the telephone set. What is it? I encircled it with a polygon.

What is this golden belt that is given to Chewbacca?

At the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Chewie is given a golden belt of some kind. Is this a piece of gear from a character? Leia's? Han's? What is

What was the medal that Ethan gives his niece in The Searchers (1956)?

In the beginning of the 1956 feature film, The Searchers, directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne as Ethan Edwards, one of his most enduring characters, E

What was the significance of overemphasis of conservation of resources posters?

In the start of the Bollywood film Blackmail, we see a lot of resource conservation posters, like "Save water", "Use the hand dryer for 10 seconds only" etc etc

How do production crews film people running down corridors in Star Trek?

In Star Trek, especially the newer series, the camera follows Captain Kirk, Spock, Michael Burnham, etc. running down corridors, turning left or right, and flyi

Raj's computer monitor and keyboard

Near the beginning of season 10 episode 16: The Allowance Evaporation, the camera is at an angle that shows Raj's computer monitor and keyboard. Is that a real

Was there a reason why nobody fired a gun on-screen in Jurassic Park?

Watching Jurassic Park, something odd stuck out to me that I've never heard talked about: why does a movie with at least three gun scenes in it never actually f