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Hebrew newspaper in Laurel & Hardy's Blotto?

In the Laurel & Hardy movie (or episode, if you will) Blotto (1930), in the first scene, Stan is reading a hebrew newspaper. So I was wondering, why a he

What's written on Q's cup in Skyfall?

Saw Skyfall over the weekend and was just wondering what's written on the side and bottom of Q's cup?

Is it really Steve McQueen's car?

In the movie Tower Heist, it was said a specific car belonging to Arthur Shaw is Steve McQueen's car. Now herein lies my doubt. Is it really his car? Can anybod

How do they film money in TV or movie?

Money shown in movies or TV shows before 30-40 years was looked fake. Is there a law that prohibits was showing real money (bills and close ups of coins) in a T

Why do they sometimes not use a real operating system in films?

Why is it that sometimes TV shows and movies use real operating systems (ie: Windows, Mac OS or Linux) and computers but then sometimes hide the logos or use a

What is the story behind Robert Langdon's Mickey Mouse watch?

In Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, movies, the character Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wears a Mickey Mouse watch and when somebody asks about it he nev

Why choose an Aztek?

In Breaking Bad, one of the iconic items is Walt's original car, the Pontiac Aztek. It is featured a lot in the series and can be argued as a slight companion

Breaking a whiskey glass with your bare hands: how would this have been done?

In Broken City, there's a scene where the character, Jack Valliant, breaks his whiskey glass by squeezing it with his bare hands. I'd first like to know if this

Why does House have an old TV in his office?

I'm up to Season 3 of House, M.D. and it's been perplexing me for a while now as to why Dr. House has an old TV in his office. It's a small Cathode Ray Tube (CR

How was the bank robbery completed?

In Now You See Me, when Morgan Freeman explains to the detective on how the Four Horseman robbed the bank, he mentions that they replaced the real money (while

Was the painting a genuine La Tour?

In the Merchant Ivory picture, Le Divorce, there is a painting supposedly painted by the French painter, Georges de La Tour, which plays a role in the plot. Was

What's with apple pie at the diner?

I am sure I must have seen this few times were people ask or have apple pie (at a diner), the 2 occurrences that I know for sure is from Men in Black (III) and

What does the pink teddy bear represent in Breaking Bad?

After the plane crash in season 2 of breaking bad a pink teddy bear falls into Walts pool. We see the bear in several scenes before the plane crash in previou

What is the significance of the statue given to Hank?

Hank is given a little statue in one episode of Breaking Bad, which looks like a railway employee from his cloths, with the phrase 'know your enemy'. Which he h

What movie or TV show is this shuttle-craft prop from? [closed]

I'm trying to find out what movie or TV show this sci fi-looking prop is from. I saw the prop, appearing to be some kind of shuttle-craft, rec

What do actors actually inhale when their characters snort cocaine or smoke crack?

While film scenes where an actor injects something into his/her arm can perhaps be faked with edits and maybe prosthetics, how do actors manage to snort cocaine

Is a real shark used or is it just computerised?

Can any one tell me, is the shark in "Jaws" real or just computerized? When I saw that movie I got confused. I have also seen Jaws 2.

In films how do they make spider web?

In films like in Indiana Jones and National Treasure old temples, caves etc. have spider webs all over the place. Assuming that these aren't real spider webs,

What is the symbolism of the remote controlled toy car?

In Breaking Bad, there are various occasions where there is a boy playing with toy car. Noticed mostly when Walter and Hank talk (about meth or Hank's cases). I

What can someone use to give them 'Godfather cheeks'?

You know the story. Someone tells you the great news that they're expecting, and the even better news that they want you to be the Godfather. Your natural respo