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How was helicopter scene filmed in Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)?

Followup from Aviation.SE In Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), around 1h 19m, there is scene with helicopter (Hughes MD500) in inverted flight which lands upsid

What is the origin of the name "Caf-Pow"?

Throughout the seasons of NCIS, the characters (mainly Abby) drink a coffee named Caf-Pow: Being from outside US, at first I thought it's a known/existing br

In movie production, what exactly happens on the other side of phone calls?

There is a small scene that bothers me in the movie Batman Begins. It's a trivial thing, but it prompted a more general question. Rachel Dawes is visiting Br

Is the Death Star Lego Model in Spider-Man: Homecoming a real product?

Is the Death Star made of Lego, in Spider-Man: Homecoming real product? Or was it created as props only?

Is the face on the front of the truck a Marvel approved likeness of the Green Goblin?

In Maximum Overdrive, the main antagonist of the film is a truck with the likeness of the Green Goblin face attached to the grille. According to IMDb, the fa

'Objects in mirror are closer than they appear'

In the German film Knockin' on Heaven's Door, there is a scene where one of the characters looks at the side-view mirror of the car he's sitting in, and we get

Why are portraits of David Crockett and Sam Houston on the wall in Naked Gun?

On the wall of Inspector Drebbin's home in The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult are portraits of David Crockett and (probably) Sam Houston, both adopted Texan

Who made the dinosaurs puppets in Prehysteria?

Question: Who made the Baby dinosaurs puppets in Prehysteria? About the Movie: Prehysteria is a movie released in 1993. It about a group of kids that find thes

What is the book that Mayor Richmond references in The Killing?

I was just thinking of the TV series The Killing that was I watched a while ago and remember Mayor Richmond (while he was running for office, I think in the sec

Blade Runner Photos Significance and photo from Rachael

In the original Blade Runner, I notice photographs really have significance for Replicants. Both for example Leon having photographs in his drawers when Deckard

What is the significance of Palmistry prop hand in Michael Jennings house?

In Paycheck, we see a Palmistry prop hand in Michael Jennings house: But reverse engineer and this thing in his house seems little out of context. Is it some

How do productions like Stranger Things or other similarly "not modern but still within recent memory" productions acquire period props?

For productions like Game of Thrones or The Hobbit, I assume prop and dress production is relatively easy -- While we have drawings and paintings, no one is ali

What is the significance of newspaper shot in Stranger Things S02E01?

In Stranger Things S02E01, we got a shot of a newspaper bundle: But what is the significance of this newspaper bundle? Why is a close shot of this newspaper

Who/what is this action figure in Abby's lab?

I've been binge-watching season 13 of NCIS and I've repeated seen an action figure from a reverse angle beside (one of) her computer monitor(s). In episode S13E

Was Bruce Wayne's car specifically designed for the movie?

The beginning part of Justice League features a neat product placement by Mercedes-Benz in the form of Bruce Wayne's car he drives around in to meet up with Bar

What was actually edible in the Room of Pure Imagination?

In Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, when the characters enter the room of Pure Imagination (also known as the Chocolate Room) where Willy Wonka sings hi

Is there any significance to the Disney character figurines?

In An American Werewolf in London, there are several scenes showing Disney characters in Alex's apartment. The main emphasis are the scenes with Mickey Mouse:

What are these cartridges that many characters have in the Star Wars movies?

Admiral Ozzel has them on both sides of his uniform (upper chest). Most Imperial officers seem to have them. Han, pictured also here, has three such cartridge

Why are all of Mr. Shirley's gifts the same?

In Christmas Vacation, Clark is bringing his boss, Mr. Shirley a Christmas gift. Mr. Shirley is annoyed at being interrupted and tells Clark to put it with th

In "Friends", why are there so many posters in Russian?

Why are there so many posters in Russian in "Friends"? There is one in Chandler-Joey's appartment: In Monica's bedroom (the bootom line): There were also