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How are injections given without injuring actors?

In the movie Contagion, Jennifer Ehle's character is shown giving herself an injection. This got me wondering - are the injections they perform on-screen real

What purple items have Samuel Jackson's characters had?

Samuel Jackson's (Mace Windu's) purple lightsaber was supposedly at his behest because that's his favorite color. Are there other conspicuously-purple items th

What is the significance of the cigarette in 'Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia'?

Mycroft Holmes, gives a cigarette to Sherlock and says "Merry Christmas". Then in the following scene, Dr. Watson asks Mycroft if he gave the cigarette to Sherl

What were the sea shells for in Demolition Man?

The three shells used in the toilets even confused poor ol' Sylvester, how were they used?

Is the Stay Puft brand brought into any other films?

Many directors or writers keep using brands in other movies they make. Such examples include Abrams with the Slusho brand and Tarantino Red Apple cigarettes.

What is this item in Sheldon & Leonard's apartment?

I love The Big Bang Theory, and consider myself to be pretty geeky, but I can't for the life of me figure out what this is. Could someone ID

Why do so many movies & TV shows feature recognizable, un-branded or re-branded products?

I've particularly noticed this in the past with cars in movies & TV shows. A car will quite obviously be of a certain make and/or model, identifiable by ce

What movie is Kevin from?

In Cabin in the Woods, there is a board with a list of monsters on it: Between Deadites and Mummy in the lower left, there is Kevin. I am Kevin. I would like

Who's on the cover of this issue of Playgirl in 30 Rock?

This still is from 30 Rock season 3 episode #14, "The Funcooker": 30 Rock is known for its attention to detail and its endless pursuit of even minor jokes a

What is the purpose or meaning behind the hot rod in the Iron Man series?

In several scenes in both Iron Man 1 and 2, there are several scenes with references to hot rods throughout both movies. Whether it be the screen savers on t

Are fictional trademarks or brand names used in movies and TV legally held?

I saw this article and it got me thinking about fictional brands we see in movies and TV. Are they actually applicable trademarks? Meaning are they register

Hebrew newspaper in Laurel & Hardy's Blotto?

In the Laurel & Hardy movie (or episode, if you will) Blotto (1930), in the first scene, Stan is reading a hebrew newspaper. So I was wondering, why a he

What's written on Q's cup in Skyfall?

Saw Skyfall over the weekend and was just wondering what's written on the side and bottom of Q's cup?

Is it really Steve McQueen's car?

In the movie Tower Heist, it was said a specific car belonging to Arthur Shaw is Steve McQueen's car. Now herein lies my doubt. Is it really his car? Can anybod

How do they film money in TV or movie?

Money shown in movies or TV shows before 30-40 years was looked fake. Is there a law that prohibits was showing real money (bills and close ups of coins) in a T

Why do they sometimes not use a real operating system in films?

Why is it that sometimes TV shows and movies use real operating systems (ie: Windows, Mac OS or Linux) and computers but then sometimes hide the logos or use a

What is the story behind Robert Langdon's Mickey Mouse watch?

In Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, movies, the character Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wears a Mickey Mouse watch and when somebody asks about it he nev

Why choose an Aztek?

In Breaking Bad, one of the iconic items is Walt's original car, the Pontiac Aztek. It is featured a lot in the series and can be argued as a slight companion

Breaking a whiskey glass with your bare hands: how would this have been done?

In Broken City, there's a scene where the character, Jack Valliant, breaks his whiskey glass by squeezing it with his bare hands. I'd first like to know if this

Why does House have an old TV in his office?

I'm up to Season 3 of House, M.D. and it's been perplexing me for a while now as to why Dr. House has an old TV in his office. It's a small Cathode Ray Tube (CR