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What has the greatest chance of being in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?

In Pulp Fiction, there is a briefcase which has contents that are kept very secret. What item is most likely to be in the briefcase?

Explanation of Jules' ending monologue

I partially understand Jules' ending monologue at the end of Pulp Fiction, although the full meaning doesn't click for me. What is he trying to say in simple te

How does "the gimp" come to be in Maynard's basement in Pulp Fiction?

After seeing "the gimp" character in Pulp Fiction, two questions come to mind. How does "the gimp" come to be in Maynard & Zed's basement? and Why is "th

How did Pulp Fiction spawn Travolta's comeback?

If you were to analyze the popularity surge Travolta earned after doing Pulp Fiction, how would it breakdown? He did a great job in the movie and his character

Did Vincent Vega shoot Marvin on purpose?

In a very popular scene from the movie Pulp Fiction, Jules Winfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) are discussing about Jules' will to ret

Why didn't Vincent and Jules kill Marvin?

In Pulp Fiction, Vincent and Jules killed all the guys at Brett's apartment for stealing the briefcase from Marsellus Wallace but not Marvin. Why didn't Vincen

Why did Marcellus Wallace throw Tony Rocky Horror out of a window?

In Pulp Fiction, Jules and Vincent discuss the rumour that Marcellus Wallace has thrown Tony Rocky Horror out of a window (causing Tony to develop a speech impe

What is the role of Winston Wolfe?

In the movie Pulp Fiction Winston Wolfe says about himself: "I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.". But what does he mean with that and what really was his role

Why did Vincent Vega diss Butch?

I've always wondered about this exchange of dialogue in "Pulp Fiction": Butch: You lookin' at something, friend? Vincent: You ain't my friend, Palooka.

Who/what ties together the characters/movie?

How and when is the chronology is separated from the main storyline? What or who ties together the characters and the movie? After the restaurant robbery? Thi

Why did Jules have to give Ringo $1,500?

In one of the more famous Pulp Fiction scenes, Jules and Vincent are eating at a diner when Ringo and Honey Bunny decide to rob it. Their attempt doesn't go we

What is the symbolism of the gold watch?

As far as I understand Pulp Fiction is webbed with symbols and hidden meaning. Is there something symbolic in the Butch's father's gold watch because it did tri

What makes the dance sequence from Pulp Fiction so iconic?

Various sources say that John Travolta and Uma Thurman's dance sequence is "now-famous" and "iconic," some compare it to how Travolta danced earlier in movies l

Why is the flashing light asynchron to the shots fired at Brett in Pulp Fiction?

A few days ago I watched Pulp Fiction again. I noticed something and now I'm curious about a little detail. When Vincent and Jules killing Brett in Pulp Fiction

Did Jules Winfield know Vincent Vega before the Royale with Cheese scene?

Chronologically, the first scene of Pulp Fiction is when we see Jules Winfield and Vincent Vegas driving on their way to a hit, the Royale with Cheese scene. Th

Is Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) from Pulp Fiction the same person as The Bride in Kill Bill?

I was watching Pulp Fiction tonite and I suddenly realized that Uma's character makes reference to her failed pilot, Fox Force Five, and her character's prowess

Explanation of a drugged up Vincent Vega scene

It is an axiom that in a well-made feature film, the director will agonize over what scenes to leave in and which to cut. In essence, any scene which does not a

Relevance of the title Pulp Fiction?

Everything about Quentin Tarantino's movies is unique and thought provocative. I want to know about the 1994 movie's title. Why is it called Pulp Fiction and ho

How can Vincent appear in the scenes at the end of Pulp Fiction

I have just seen Pulp Fiction for the first time. I don't understand the scene how Vincent reappears in the final scenes where earlier in the movie, Butch kill

Is there a deeper meaning to Fabienne's pot belly talk?

In Pulp Fiction, after Butch returns from the boxing match to his girlfriend in the middle of the night, they engage in a curious conversation about the pros an