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In movie production, what exactly happens on the other side of phone calls?

There is a small scene that bothers me in the movie Batman Begins. It's a trivial thing, but it prompted a more general question. Rachel Dawes is visiting Br

Why shoes in bed? [closed]

It cringes me every time I see somebody more or less in their right mind in bed with shoes. How this become so common on TV (e.g. Buffy, Marve

How realistic are the dogfight scenes in Dunkirk [closed]

I saw the film Dunkirk yesterday with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my friends had some quibbles with the dogfight scenes, h

Guilt being the cause of Insomnia theme have any common basis from real life?

Insomnia and The Machinist both works with the theme of guilt being the cause of insomnia. But is it based on any real facts? Is there any recorded case of guil

How did the facehugger grow to full-sized xenomorph?

In the movie Alien (1979), the first alien we see is the facehugger. It is only the size of a baseball mitt. A few scenes later, the offspring bursts out of

Why did these containers stay at the same place?

I am no expert on marine logistics, but my understanding is that the prime purpose of shipping containers is to be filled with goods and moved around the world.

How did the kidney transplant work?

Close to the beginning of Going in Style we see Willie talking to the doctor about his kidney failure, and how he will need a transplant. The dialogue goes some

Were the pamphlets shown in the opening scene really published/circulated?

In the opening scene of Dunkirk, while walking through the city the soldiers came across lot of pamphlets/fliers. It had a picture depicting the perimeter which

Why wasn't Cole Williams ever convicted of assault?

In 21 (2008), Cole Williams beats up counters in a basement and apparently has been doing that for years. How is it possible that he was never charged for assau

How did Saroo find the location of his village?

At around 1:30 into the movie Lion, Saroo tears his schedules from the wall, then starts clicking Google Earth more or less at random. He then moves out of his

Was it normal for Ali Rose to hide cash in their house?

In Screen Gems' Burlesque (2010), Ali Rose put some of her cash into a ziplock bag and hid it inside a toilet – it was subsequently stolen. Is it normal

Are the homes in The Americans realistic for the economy in America in the 1980s?

I've been watching The Americans, which is set in metro-DC (America) in the 1980s. I noticed that the stars, whose income comes from their jobs as travel agent

What conditions and requirements are needed to film sex scenes safely?

I have seen numerous movies with sex scenes: Friends with Benefits is one, No Strings attached (insertion is not filmed here) and several others where the inte

Why does this character look like this after the treatment?

VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED This is about Martyrs from 2008 (France / Canada), not the remake. There are two female leads, Lucie and Anna. Lucie commits suicid

Are female officers addressed as "sir" out of writer ignorance, or some intentional reason?

Since I served in the U.S. military, it rankles me to hear female officers in Hollywood productions addressed (non-sarcastically) as "sir" (instead of "ma'am,"

What could have saved the Cali Cartel?

I just finished watching the third Narcos season. I was trying to compare the fates of Pablo and the Cali Cartel. Both were involved in the drugs business, that

How much of the movie "Meet the Patels" is fiction and how much is real?

Meet the Patels (2014) is an American romantic comedy documentary about an Indian-American who is of Gujarati origin and shows the cultural clash with his paren

Does lead lining really work against a nuclear explosion?

In Indiana Jones: Kingdom of Crystal Skull, Jones is able to escape a nuclear explosion by using a lead lined fridge. I read

Does the US really use C64 computers for the launch control of their missiles?

In Season 09 E07 of NCIS Los Angeles we can see the inside of a launch control center for nuclear missiles. The two terrorists that brought the control center

Is GLOW inspired by a real-life show?

On Netflix's original series GLOW, a down-in-the-dumps director along with a young, inexperienced producer hire several unpopular actresses and work hard to mak