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How credible is the ending of Collateral?

Here's what happens at the end of Collateral (2004): The taxi driver manages to defeat a highly skilled hitman. Is it mere luck? Should we accept this a

Why are computer hackers shown to either be geniuses, or show them doing it in fantastic ways?

I was watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Lisbeth Salander was really good at hacking computers as well as other security breaking skills, to the poin

How could Eisenheim achieve those reflections on the scene in that era?

In The Illusionist (2006), how could Eisenheim achieve those reflections (visions) on the scene? Even in one of the scenes, there was a (ghost) boy walking thro

Is kelp tape real?

In season 2 episode 7 of Archer, Rona Thorne suggests using a kelp tape cleansing technique. I was able to find some reference to kelp as a cl

Is this incident realistic in Vacancy?

In Vacancy (2007), David Fox is stabbed at night (supposedly after midnight), and at the end of the film (in daytime), it turns out he's still alive. Is it poss

Is the brain sequence similar to reality or not?

In Saw 3, a sequence is shown where Dr. Lynn Denlon performs an operation on John (Jigsaw) using a drill and other similar tools. My first question is, how can

Is the electric track the tour vehicles follow on in Jurassic Park actually possible?

Based on the image above and examination while viewing Jurassic Park, it appears there is no physical connection between truck and track (though there may be)

Why didn't the bomb cause a tsunami in Dark Knight Rises?

As far as I know, even smaller earthquakes measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale in Japan have triggered tsunamis. Was the atom bomb used in The

Is Eisenheim's sword illusion realistic?

Eisenheim performs a sword illusion in The Illusionist (2006). Is this illusion realistic? Could it be practiced in real life? Here is a YouTube video showing

Could a fire hose really support the weight of a falling man?

In the movie Die Hard, near the end, John McClane ties a fire hose around his waist and jumps off the roof of the Nakotomi plaza building. Would a fire hose re

How realistic is the surveillance in the movie "Enemy of the State"?

I was watching "Enemy of the State" last night and at one stage I was convinced some of the stuff (such as the satellite tracking) was a bit far fetched. But gi

Can JARVIS be for real?

I know how naive I seem asking this question but was far too fascinated by the character JARVIS in the Iron Man movies to not ask this. Well JARVIS is nothing

How closely does "First Blood" portray the contemporary attitude towards war veterans?

How closely does the movie "First Blood" (1982) portray the contemporary ‍public attitude towards the returning Vietnam War veterans? Does this trend still

Why doesn't the bomb cause radiation poisoning to Gotham City?

The ending to me makes no sense. Batman put his plane on auto pilot that was carrying the bomb away from the city, but they should be affected for many years

How far advanced are today's robots with respect to those shown in Real Steel?

Several high-tech robots are shown in the movie Real Steel. Robots that can follow voice commands and even having shadow recognition and voice recognition there

Is this mask really possible?

Sometimes we see a mask is used by an actor of a film by which he drastically changes his face. I was under the impression that only after plastic surgery one c

Was the last play in The Longest Yard(2005) completely fair?

After the trick-play (Fumblerooski) to level scores against the guards, the Mean Machine go for the two-point conversion. Here, they start talking among themsel

What did Hannah use to escape?

In the season 7 finale of Dexter, Hannah has Arlene slip her some sort of drug that seems to have a delayed effect of causing serious seizures and lasts long en

How realistic is V The Serial?

V The Serial is an Indian soap opera based on the real life of Indian TV actors. How much of the show is real? Are there any non-celebrity character that are al

Is the Unix operating system featured in Jurassic Park real?

When the film Jurassic Park came out, and I saw that scene where Ariana Richards is sitting in front of the computer and says; This is a Unix system. I kno