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How did Carl survive the eyeshot?

Spoiler Alert! In season 6 of the Walking Dead, we watch the group attempting to walk through a horde of walkers while covered in guts. We then observe Sam And

On what basis was Milkin's transfer possible?

In the 4th episode of the 4th season of House of Cards Donald Blythe follows Claire's advice and decides to send Igor Milkin (at the time on a plane circling ov

How long was that Runway?

In the final showdown of Furious 6 when Shaw's crew go to escape on the plane that was described by Roman as "a planet" the entire showdown is on a continuous s

Is result shown from the explosion realistic?

In The Hurt Locker, During a raid on a warehouse, James discovers the body of a young boy, in which a live bomb has been surgically implanted. During evacuation

Why is Discovery One covered in sulphur in "2010: The Year We Make Contact"?

In the first half of 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the Soviet ship Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov is tasked with approaching the American USSC Discovery One, the mai

Why do movies think the speed of sound is as fast as the speed of light?

In action movies where things blow up or heroes are shot by snipers from a long distance, or where fireworks are shown, the sound and the flash of the thing mak

Is it forbidden to have a relationship in CBI in reality?

So, this question is not really about the series the Mentalist, but I think it fits here anyway. First, I am not from US, so I dont know if CBI really exists o

What was with the two different colored prison uniforms in Daredevil season 2?

In Daredevil S02, we see two kinds of prison uniforms, full orange and full white. We see in the flashback that Wilson Fisk gets a white prison uniform but his

Was the atomic bombing of Nagasaki visible from Shanghai, as in the film "Empire of the Sun"?

Near the end the film Empire of the Sun (Spielberg 1987), the protagonist finds himself in (or near) Shanghai. He then sees the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The

Can a single bullet from a handgun kill three people in the way Deadpool did?

In Deadpool's bullet-counting action scene, Deadpool kills three guys with his last bullet. The bullet is shown going through all the three men's skulls. So,

Does the Dory-like fish actually have a short-term memory loss?

As the characters of "Finding Nemo" are amazingly close to reality, I was wondering whether the fish which was portrayed as "Dory" in the film actually has a sh

Are the red strings used by Dexter a real thing?

Dexter works as a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro police. We often see him on a crime scene using red strings to represent the trajectory of the blood:

Why are sound effects done so different from reality?

While filming captures both the audio and video of an actor's performance, producers will often dub over sound effects for the interaction between the actors an

Shouldn't Elliot have been caught or at least noticed outside of the prison?

I don't know what's considered a spoiler, so I'll put more than probably necessary in a spoiler block... At the end of episode 1.5 of Mr. Robot, Elliot and Ver

Do Hospitals really provide laptops for patients?

In Need for Speed (2014), Julia who is admitted in a hospital asks nurse to provide her a laptop, to which the nurse provides a laptop to Julia. Julia: Is it p

Why does the 70s porno film not look like a 70s film?

In Nice Guys (2016), they accidently play a porno movie at a car show, as can be seen in this picture: It looks clearer and more modern than a 70s film. If

Is it possible for the plot of Falling Down to happen in a single day?

I was watching "Falling Down" (1993). Its clear that the plot is intended to happen on a single day, because it is the last day for Sergeant Martin Prendergast.

Do teachers in kindergarten schools prepare kids to sleep?

In Kindergarten Cop 1990, John Kimble(Teacher) makes kids in his class take a nap. Do teachers in kindergarten schools prepare kids to sleep?

Are galaxies visible with the naked eye? [closed]

I have seen this scene from "Me Before You" (2016), in which Louisa Clark sees galaxies with her naked eye. Are galaxies visible with the

Can you really have the International Star Registry name a star that you can easily see in an amateur telescope, like in A Walk to Remember?

In A Walk to Remember, there is a scene where Landon asks Jamie to look at a star in her telescope, then reveals that he named it after her.