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Would this be allowed to happen in real life?

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, the first post-credits scene, a news broadcast in a screen outside the Madison Square Garden announces and shows a video of Myster

How realistic is Detective Vic Manning's eye surgery recovery?

In Stuber, Detective Vic Manning has Lasik surgery. Immediately after the surgery, everything is blurry. Over the next 12 or so hours, his vision slowly comes b

What programming language is Mr. Glass using? [closed]

I assume that because (2019) Glass is a movie, and in my experience film makers don't feel they need too much reality to tell a story, that th

Why does Sherlock (BBC) use miles?

I've just started watching the BBC series Sherlock on Netflix. In the first 5 episodes, we've noticed that Sherlock and Watson always refer to long distances in

Roark Junior suffers damage to groin [closed]

In the movie, Sin City(I believe in the comic book as well), there is a scene in the beginning of the episode of “That Yellow Bastard&rd

How accurate is the Fear the Walking Dead's depiction of a nuclear meltdown?

In this latest season of Fear the Walking Dead there's a nuclear power plant with two reactors, one of which has melted down and the other of which is about to.

How real is Vanishing Twin Syndrome in Savyasachi?

There is a Telugu movie titled Savyasachi, which shows something called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. How real is the depiction of the disease? Is it possible to h

What explains the changes to history other than the oblivion of the Beatles?

In the Yesterday Movie, a miracle somehow consigns the Beatles to oblivion. But it also produces several other changes that are mentioned in the movie without m

Couldn't Duncan be sued for doing this?

In the Seinfeld episode "The Race", Duncan Meyer threatens to fire Jerry's girlfriend unless Jerry agrees to repeat a race Duncan lost to Jerry in high school.

Why does public show no reaction to killings in John Wick 3?

The entire movie felt like there's been a bit of a disconnect from the surrounding world every time John Wick was fighting. So what really bothered me were a fe

Can a private company make decisions over prisoners' freedom?

In Orange Is the new Black, the prison is bought by a private company - MCC (later known as PolyCon). There are numerous instances depicted whereby this privat

How can everyone in a large crowd hear the speaker from a long distance away?

I always wonder about this particular scenario, where in a large area, the lead speaks and all of the audience listen although they are quite far away. In some

Magic behind 3.6 roentgen/hour in Chernobyl TV series

I'm wondering about origins of this value that comrade Dyatlov said, "Not great, not terrible". The movie and some documentaries mention that they did not know

What happens when two bullets strike each other?

In Preacher S04E01 during the fight between Lara and Tulip, they shot each other and their bullet strike each other and fall down. Is this depiction realisti

When shooting laser cannons etc. from spaceships, why do advanced beings miss their targets?

In many movies and TV series (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.), we see space battles in which spaceships miss their targets. I can't understand how such advanced be

With the Spa laundering money idea, how would Jesse explain the Spa buying in first place?

In the episode Kafkaesque (S03E09), Saul advises Jesse to buy the spa/salon to help him launder money. The idea can probably work, but Jesse will still have to

Is Thomas Shelby's meeting with Churchill and his connection with Oswald Mosley real or fiction?

In season 5 of Peaky Blinders, we saw Thomas Shelby meeting Churchill, and telling him about how he killed a person back in Birmingham. And all the connection a

How accurate are deportation policies depicted in the show?

In one of the episode from the last season of Orange is the New Black, a character was deported even though she didn't commit any crime (except entering the cou

How true to reality is the film Queen of the Desert?

Queen of the Desert is a 2015 biographical film about Gertrude Bell, an Englishwoman who spent most of her life in the Middle East and played a part in the esta

Pretending to be an FBI profiler in Resurrection

In Resurrection (1999), the serial killer successfully pretends to be an FBI profiler and gets access to all the information the police has about his murderers.