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Red Sparrow shower scene

In Red Sparrow, when Jennifer Lawrence attacks the couple in the shower with a club, did they die?

Why does Dominika use her real name to sign up for pool?

In the movie Red Sparrow, Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) is strictly told during her training to never reveal her real name. Still when she is assigned to

How did Dominika know the outcome when she initiated her plan?

Dominika frames her uncle Evan as a the mole in Red Sparrow. I get it that she did all that as she was angry with her uncle. What I don't get is: She didn't k

Was Dominika really that cold-blooded?

In "Red Sparrow (2018)", Jennifer Lawrence's character kills two people in cold blood before both the hotel incident and joining the secret agency. What those

Why does Ivan believe Dmitri's ego will compel him to help the broken Dominika? [closed]

In Red Sparrow 2018, Dominika's uncle, Ivan Egorova speaks to Dominika Egorova State security is interested in knowing more about Dmitri

Why does Ivan Egorova feel Dominika Egorova won't go even if she complete her mission?

Ivan Egorova gave Dominika Egorova a mission, in which she has to meet an American: You do this for me, and I'll let you go if that's what you want. But I

Which deception is Matron referring to?

In Red Sparrow Dominika Egorova attacked a fellow cadet, who tried to rape her. Later, Matron calls the fellow cadet and her. Matron says to her: For the d

Why was the scene cut without any reply from Zakharov?

In Red Sparrow Zakharov says to his assistant after he had got some information via phone: Zakharov: No loose ends. Nothing that can come back on the presid

Was the other Ballerina a sparrow too?

Uncle Vanya in Red Sparrow is a manipulator. And I was under the impression he always wanted to have some "action" with Dominika. That's clearly why he prostit