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Are Dwight's "What is my perfect crime?" lines in S05E08 - "Frame Toby" a reference to something?

Are Dwight's "What is my perfect crime?" lines in Season 5, Episode 8 titled "Frame Toby", a reference to something? What is being referenced to? The lines:

Last Action Hero refers to real movies?

In the 1993 released English movie, Last Action Hero, is the reference to Jack Slatter real? Was there ever any movie named Jack Slatter with same or similar s

School Custodian as All-Knowing Insider

In Mike and Molly episode “Peggy Gets a Job” (season 2, episode 8), when Peggy, Mike’s mother, gets a job at Molly’s school, she, as a s

"What's up doc?" - Is Bugs Bunny impersonating someone?

It turns out that Bugs Bunny was impersonating someone when he ate the carrot. Was he also impersonating a contemporary actor when he asked What's up doc? or

What was the inspiration for the trampoline storyline in "Aerodynamics of Gender"?

In Community season 2, episode 7, Aerodynamics of Gender, Troy discovers a place of peace with a magical trampoline. What movie/television show inspired this st

What film or TV show is being referenced in Psych episode Santabarbaratown?

At the end of the finale of Psych season 6, called "Santabarbaratown", Gus and Shawn have an exchange wherein Shawn says, referring to Dahlia Twon, "his sister,

Do all of the Hughes brothers' movies have religion references?

I've seen so far: Menace II Society (1993) and The Book of Eli (2010) by Hughes brothers. Both of the movies have strong references to religion. In case of Mena

Was the Johnny B. Goode scene from Back to The Future inspired from Top Secret?

Maybe it's just me, but I was watching Top Secret for the first time today, and I realized that the scene where Nick (Val Kilmer) sings Tutti Frutti by Little R

Significance of Sam Roger's dog references?

In 2011's Margin Call, what is the significance of the recurring references to Sam Roger's (Kevin Spacey) dog? Edit (fleshing out question): Does he have the d

Were the direct references to Die Hard and Under Siege made on purpose?

While Olympus Has Fallen was in its main theme and overall plot quite similar to many action movies of that kind, there were two particular scenes that I unders

Was this scene an homage to Hellboy?

In one scene, Ron Perlman's character is eaten by a giant monster. This isn't the first time this has happened to him in a del Toro movie, it also somewhat hap

Is there really a bugle trophy in Man of Steel?

As per IMDb In Perry White's office at the Daily Planet there is a bugle trophy on top of the shelf. This is surely a reference to the Marvel Comics ne

Is this Green Lantern and Batman reference intended for a Justice League movie?

In Man of Steel, there are two references to other DC character, such as: First Christina Wren's character called Carrie Ferris in the film resemblance to Bla

How closely do Sherlock Episodes relate to the original stories?

In the TV Series Sherlock I know there are many references to the original canon (for example the hat). Particularly variations of the episode names. A Study i

What is the Owl?

In Clash of the Titans (2010), Perseus finds a metal owl. It's obviously some sort of in-joke, but what's the reference?

What are the analogies/homages to Western Cinema in Breaking Bad?

Critics have drawn comparisons of scenes in Breaking Bad to classic Western Cinema. Vince Gilligan himself has spoken of such influences, and I was just wonderi

Significance of the Magnificent Seven reference in The Nest

At the beginning of The Nest (org.: Nid de guêpes), when Santino's crew drives in their car to prepare the robbery, Santino and Nasser start whistling the

Why choose 'Black Orpheus' (Orfeu Negro)?

Arcade Fire recently released (through their official YouTube account here) a video containing their entire new album, Reflektor, played over the film Black Orp

Firefly references on Castle

I have begun watching Castle (in rerun) and have a chuckle every time there is a Firefly reference made. Nathan Fillion always gives a little smirk/wink. Seas

Is the introduction of Snake Eyes a reference to Rope?

While I guess it isn't a big secret that Alfred Hitchcock has always been a huge inspiration for Brian De Palma, one possible connection between both of them ha