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Why did Flash completely avoid mentioning Supergirl?

In Flash S02E18 "Versus Zoom", Flash accidentally passes through a blue portal during his speed test and after his return he asks how much time has passed. It's

Woman in red from The 100 connection to Matrix

I've noticed that in the Matrix, the woman in red was part of the simulated program, meant to catch attention and appear harmless. The 100 woman in red appears

What were the magic words used by Zemo and what's it referring to?

In Captain America: Civil War, Baron Helmut Zemo used some magic words to activate the brainwashing of the Winter Soldier. But these words seem a bit weird to m

Who are the characters from which the five detectives are based in movie Murder by Death?

In the movie Murder by Death (1976), we are shown 5 famous detectives that are invited to a dinner. By names and manner I could understand on which two of them

What was the significance of the books exchanged between Spud and The Guv?

In the film Spud, The Guv used to give books to Spud and there were constant references of these books. I can only spot and understand the reference of The Lord

Was the climax scene of Argo inspired by The Last King of Scotland?

In The Last King of Scotland (2006), Nicolas Gariggan escapes from Idi Amin in flight the same way Team from Argo (2012) escapes from the cops through flight.

Title reference of Pierce Brosnan James Bond movies

Reference for the title of the James Bond movies was either taken from the novels by Ian Fleming or the particular story element. For eg. GoldenEye, Octopussy e

Is this quote a reference to something: "Tout est mauvais! C'est un festival!"

During one scene in Les visiteurs: la révolution a character says Tout est mauvais! C'est un festival! ("Everything's wrong! It's a festival!") I

Did Star Trek Beyond copy a scene from Titan A.E.?

In Star Trek Beyond, there is a scene where the Enterprise enters the nebula. It is flying slowly and there is a discussion about the collisions disturbing the

What movies does "Hell or High Water" reference?

What movies does the 2016 film Hell or High Water reference? Certainly there is a thematic congruence with The Wild Bunch regarding men, specifically bank robb

When did Brandon Routh mention his time as Superman in The Flash?

From Wikipedia page about Superman curse Routh eventually played recurring character Ray Palmer (The Atom) on other DC Comics-related projects, Arrow and Th

How closely related are Teorema (1968), Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986) and Visitor Q (2001)?

There are obvious strong parallels but I haven't see any interviews with Mazursky or Miike discussing the Pasolini film. The core relationship is that all thre

Do Harry Potter stories mention other popular stories?

In recent history Harry Potter stories have been mentioned in other popular story series such as Doctor Who and The Simpsons. Do any of the Harry Potter movies

To what movies do the soundtracks in this Masha and the Bear episode belong?

In the episode Den kino Masha and the Bear decide to film a movie, but can't agree on what movie to film; they show a few scenes inspired by well-known movies,

Boutros Boutros-Ghali reference in Seinfeld

In the episode The Hamptons of Seinfeld when they see George's girlfriend topless each character expresses their surprise in a different way. Jerry goes like th

Why does Zootopia have an intentional Breaking Bad reference?

When Judy is looking up on the case she finds, along with Nick, that there's a laboratory in a vehicle which processes a blue chemical to be sold in the market.

Is there a certain comedian this South Park episode is referencing?

In episode season 20, "Douche and a Danish", Mr. Garrison talks in a manner similar to stand up comedy instead of holding a speech. Is this a reference to a

Is the orange coat guy getting killed a reference to South Park's Kenny?

In an early scene of the movie Chappie (2015) there's this part in which a guy gets shot. It's noticeable that this is the first, and perhaps only, person that

Did the reference to the Boston Tea Party in "V for Vendetta" mean anything to British Audiences?

In V for Vendetta, the demagogue Lewis Prothero talks on his show about the Boston Tea Party, making the case not to support the US: "I think its payback time f

What is the meaning behind Lisa Simpsons triangle shaped red eyes?

In the Simpsons S28E3, titled The Town, Simpsons try to permanently move to Boston. Lisa gets really fond of Boston, as most of the town is made for intellectua