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What is the reference to Ferris Bueler's Day Off in Spider-Man Homecoming?

In Spider-Man Homecoming, the credits reference Star Wars (that's easy to notice in the movie (Yoda, Deathstar) and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. What and where is

When Scrooge recognizes a boy named "Toby Veck", is this a reference to someone?

In the 1999 version of A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart, Ebenezer Scrooge is traveling with the Ghost of Christmas Past and sees children he knew from

Which movie was referred in this scene? [closed]

Drushyam is a 2014 Telugu thriller movie starring Venkatesh and Meena in key roles. It is a remake of Malayalam movie of the same name. Exce

Was there an intentional reference with the quote "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo"?

In Die Hard with a Vengeance, John McClane (portrayed by Bruce Willis) quotes a line from the song Flowers on the wall by the Statler Brothers while speaking to

Why Top Hat reference was so necessary in The Green Mile?

For the film The Green Mile, according to IMDb: Originally set in 1932, the timeframe was bumped to 1935 so that the movie Top Hat (1935) could be featured.

Who are Sheldon's references of Crunch and Kangaroo?

In this clip of The Big Bang Theory, before sacrificing himself, Sheldon says Following in the footsteps of Kirk, Crunch and Kangaroo.

What pop culture reference is Jessica Jones making?

In "Fish in the Jailhouse" (Marvel's The Defenders, S01E07), there is a scene involving Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil), in which Matt

Are the first two episodes of season 4 of Bojack Horseman borrowing plots from films?

I just watched the first two episodes of season 4 of BoJack Horseman (TV Series 2014–), and the plots seemed very elaborate, specific, and only including

What is the book that Mayor Richmond references in The Killing?

I was just thinking of the TV series The Killing that was I watched a while ago and remember Mayor Richmond (while he was running for office, I think in the sec

Are there allusions to Blade Runner in Alias?

I am rewatching the Bad Robot TV series Alias. I'm on season five with the episode titled The Horizon. There is a scene that features Kelly Payton (Amy Acker) w

Meg having cake in the bathtub reference

In the "Emmy" episode of Family Guy there is a scene in which Meg is eating cake in the bathtub: She says, You've inspired me to nakedly eat this cake in

In San Junipero, is there any significance as to why the bar is named Tucker's?

In the British anthology series Black Mirror, the season 3 episode, San Junipero, features a nostalgic 80's-inspired reality with a lot of references to many th

Do Wall-E and Big Hero 6 take place in the same city?

The cities of Wall-E (2008) and Big Hero 6 (2014) hold some similarities (mainly because of their San Francisco-esque style): close architecture, tall buildings

Significance of the number 142 in the name of Valkyrie's Sakaar name?

In Thor: Ragnarok, Valkyrie was referred to as Scrapper 142 and was Grandmaster's primary warrior. But that digit 142 in her Sakaar name doesn't seem random. Is

What are all the faces on Grandmaster tower in Thor: Ragnarok?

In Thor: Ragnarok, the Grandmaster tower had many faces on it: I presume they are of champions and I can clearly identify that the left one is Beta Ray Bill

How to find films that contain a specific motif? [closed]

I suspect that the question I have is off topic for this site. I'm looking for movies about terrorist acts told from the terrorists' viewpoint

Is Katy Perry's song "The One That Got Away" homage to Titanic?

Katy Perry's song The One That Got Away always reminds me of Titanic: Old women remembering her dead love form her young days

Is the character Colin Sweeney in "The Good Wife" a reference to Sweeney Todd?

Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) is a recurring character on the series The Good Wife (and spin off The Good Fight) introduced in the season one episode titled, Bad.

Is there any connection between Stranger Things and IT movie?

Are Stranger Things and IT in the same universe? In season 2 episode 3 of Stranger Things while Bob drives Will to school, Bob tells Will about a terrifying e

Is Flash pushing Wonder Women's sword is some comic book reference or a mythological analogy?

In Justice League, there is an iconic scene where the Flash helps Wonder Woman get her sword by giving it a push: However, with Zack Snyder as director, thi