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Why were things disappearing in Russian Doll?

In the new Netflix show Russian Doll, part of the plot is about things and eventually also people disappearing. I watched all of the show, but I didn't

What is the logic behind Nadia bribing the secretary of the Temple with a mango?

So I just finished watching the dramedy TV series Russian Doll (2019) and have a question about a seemingly simple thing that maybe I am not understanding. In

Is there a name for this film technique seen in season one of Russian Doll?

I have recently just started watching the Netflix TV series, Russian Doll, which generally is about a character dealing with a broken timeline or series of rese

Why did they name the show Russian Doll?

Watched Russian Doll recently and it was enjoyable but really made me wonder about the title. Like what does the show have to do with Russian dolls? Even the po

What was with the rotten fruits?

In Russian Doll, there were so many instances where we see fruits are rotten: Not only in Beatrice's house and the store but it was everywhere including Ruth

What is the significance of mirrors in Russian Doll?

Every time Nadia and Alan die in Russian Doll they reappear in front of a mirror. With all their differences this is a new starting point for both of them. Why

Wrong use of the present tense in Russian Doll

In the TV series Russian Doll often characters wrongly use the present tense instead of the past tense. Is this a kind of slang? If yes, is it common only in Ne