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Why does Dr. Cox from Scrubs hate Hugh Jackman?

I distinctly remember at least 2 episodes of Scrubs where Dr. Cox insults Hugh Jackman (implied that Hugh is a bad actor) and does anyone know the reason why? I

Was the Janitor real?

I read somewhere that the character of the Janitor was originally only going to be a character in JD's daydream and that for the first season he didn't interact

What really happened to Ben Sullivan?

In the Scrubs episode “My Screwup” (3x14), Jordan's brother Ben returns to the hospital after being two years around the world after his cancer diag

What is the episode of scrubs where they end with Boston - More Than A Feeling? [closed]

I'm searching for the episode of scrubs where they get an air band together and at the end they play air instruments to "More Than A Feeling"

What exactly is shown on the pagers carried around in House MD or Scrubs?

It seems that the cast can get to know almost anything just by reading the page that they get: whether there's an emergency with a patient or where they are bei

How accurate is Scrubs' depiction of the medical profession and the community?

How accurate are they while portraying the incidents, medical methods and procedures, problems they face and the solutions they apply, the cultural stereotypes,

Do janitors really earn more than the resident doctors in the US?

This is in reference to Scrubs season 2 episode 22 - My Dream Job. In this episode, Janitor tells J.D. that he earns quite more than the latter. Here is their c

What is the cultural context to "Cal Turk" (White version of Turk) joke in Scrubs?

This is in reference to Scrubs season 4 episode 2 - My Malpractical Decision. A conversation between the Janitor and Turk goes like this: Janitor: I flunked

Why wasn't Dr. Cox sued or fired after a patient dies because of his negligence?

This is in reference to Scrubs season 5 episode 20 - "My Lunch". At the end of the episode, all three of Dr. Cox's transplant patients die. This happens becaus

Do we ever get to know Jake's (Elliot's boyfriend) "wildest fantasy"?

This is in reference to the Scrubs' episode My Day at the Races. Elliot asks her boyfriend Jake about his wildest fantasy. They go in the bedroom and Elliot co

How was Dr. Kevin Casey with severe OCD able/allowed to perform surgeries?

This is in reference to the character of Dr. Kevin Casey who appeared in two episodes of Scrubs - My Catalyst & My Porcelain God. Dr. Kavin has history of

How was this glass shattering scene shot without getting any injury to the head?

This is one of the scenes from Scrubs. JD (or whoever he was) bumps his head into the glass and breaks it. The scene looks p

In Scrubs, why is Dr Mickhead first called Dr Carlson?

In the TV series Scrubs, season 2 episode 3, the first time that Dr. Mickhead is spoken to by name, he's actually called Dr. Carlson (by Dr. Kelso). But then, f

Is Scrubs truly a one-camera show?

In some Scrubs interviews; they talk about the decision to use the single-camera format. After reading about single-camera vs multiple-camera setups; I understa