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Why is Sesame Street on HBO?

When I was young, Sesame Street was on the Public Broadcast Network-PBS (in US). But now I see on HBO Go/On Demand, I see that it is being shown on there now. D

Is Kermit the only muppet to appear in both the Sesame Street and Muppets franchises?

Kermit the Frog is notable for appearing in both Sesame Street (often via the Sesame Street News Flash skits) and the Muppets franchise, but I can't recall it e

Cookie Monster's first appearance

I think to have heard that the Cookie Monster first appeared in a commercial rather than Sesame Street itself. Is this true? If not, where was Cookie Monster's

Who are these Sesame Street characters? [closed]

My nephew has a book and is at the stage where he's pointing at the pictures, wanting to know what they are. Sesame Street isn't that big her