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What is the deal with the 1980s atmosphere of Netflix's "Sex Education"?

Netflix's Sex Education is an odd duck: the show contains plenty of modern technology (most prominently smartphones), yet it often breathes a 1980s look & f

Why does Otis's sweater have his name stitched on "Sex Education"?

In episode 6 and 8 of Sex Education S1, we see a sweater in Maeve's house bearing Otis Milburn's name stitched onto the inside. I get why the writers used it to

Why did this character go unpunished?

In one of the final episodes of the second season of Sex Education, a very serious crime is committed involving a book of notes: Otis nicks the confidentia

Why does the principal suspect these two characters of dealing drugs?

(This pertains to the Netflix series Sex Education, season 1 episodes 7 and 8.) At the ball, after principal Groff is harassed by his son Adam, he picks up a j