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Why is the blog text removed over Bull's head in Sherlock : A scandal in Belgravia?

In the episode A scandal in Belgravia (Sherlock season 2 episode 1), when Dr. Watson is blogging and his blog text is shown to the viewers overlaid on the wall

What is Belgravia in 'a Scandal in Belgravia'?

The title of the 1st episode on Season 2 of Sherlock, the TV-series is A scandal in Belgravia. What is Belgravia?

What is the significance of the cigarette in 'Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia'?

Mycroft Holmes, gives a cigarette to Sherlock and says "Merry Christmas". Then in the following scene, Dr. Watson asks Mycroft if he gave the cigarette to Sherl

Why does Watson call Sherlock, 'Spock'?

In Sherlock: The hound of Baskervilles, Sherlock describes his feelings about not being able to distance himself from his latest felt feeling, fear and he says

What was the code that could have affected the outcome of "The Reichenbach Fall"?

At the end of "The Reichenbach Fall", Sherlock and Moriarty have a confrontation on the roof of the hospital. (I am not sure why Sherlock chose the roof in the

What is the deal with the assassins/bodyguards in "The Reichenbach Fall"?

In "The Reichenbach Fall", we learn that several hired assassins have moved into the apartments surrounding the one John and Sherlock share. They actually save

What does Sherlock say just before opening Irene Adler's safe?

In Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia, the americans force Sherlock to open Irene Adler's safe by threatening Holmes and Adler at gunpoint. The safe turns out to

Why did the writers choose this development for Moriarty?

Professor Moriarty is generally known as the greatest villain Sherlock Holmes has ever faced. I know that Sherlock was planned to end after the second season,

How did Sherlock know the combo for Adlers safe? [duplicate]

Adler said it was her measurements, but what does that mean?

How did Sherlock survive the fall?

In Sherlock, BBC Series, Season 2 Episode 3 - The Reichenbach Fall, how did Sherlock survive the fall? I've read some theories online regarding this, but in thi

How could Irene Adler text Sherlock without her mobile?

At the end of "A Scandal in Belgravia" (S02 E01), Sherlock gives Mycroft Irene's mobile and she's probably let free without her mobile, ending up in Karachi whe

Why did Holmes aim at the explosive rather than at Moriarty?

When Holmes and Moriarty are having a stand off in the swimming pool Holmes has a gun trained on Moriarty's chest. He looks at Watson and Watson nods so he mov

First use of on-screen text messages, like in Sherlock and House of Cards

The BBC's Sherlock (July 2010-) uses a novel visual trick to show the contents of an SMS message directly on the television screen, so we can all read it withou

Sherlock: Who is John Talking About?

In Reichenbach fall: John tells Sherlock that everyone gets a tabloid nickname. Then he says "Subo (or Soobo), nasty nick". I assume he's referring to some othe

In Sherlock: Study in Pink how does the choice of bottles work?

In Sherlock season 1 episode 1 the serial killer asks Sherlock to take one of two bottles. 1 bottle is ok other is bad (poisonous). Whatever bottle Sherlock tak

Sherlock Villain, Moriarty Hero?

In Reichenbach Fall, during the scene where Moriarty visits 221 B, he and Sherlock are wearing the iconic colors of heros and villains. The interesting spin on

Why is the number of pills in the bottle not consistent in 'A Study in Pink'?

In the episode 'A Study in Pink' of the first season of Sherlock the victims are poisoned when forced to choose a pill from the two bottles as confessed by the

How closely do Sherlock Episodes relate to the original stories?

In the TV Series Sherlock I know there are many references to the original canon (for example the hat). Particularly variations of the episode names. A Study i

How did Sherlock know to use her measurements?

This similar previous question established that in A Scandal in Belgravia Irene Adler's safe combination was her measurements. However, how did Sherlock know t

Where does Sherlock get his money?

In the BBC series Sherlock (and indeed in most other adaptations of the character I've seen) Sherlock is not paid for this investigations - he does it because h