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Origin of on-screen location sound in spy movies

In spy movies, there are often sequences showing an overview of the ocean or a city, with a location like "SOUTH PACIFIC SEA" being written, letter by letter (o

Are there any movies with binaural recording?

Basically a binaural recording is an audio fragment that is recorded as if the device had two ears, simulating human properties. Whenever you hear a sound that

What is the reason for using this sound effect for Gus Fring (season 4 episode 2)?

In "Better Call Saul", season 4, at the end of the episode 2 when Gus Fring pronounces the final sentence, his voice tone is made lower, the voice itself is mad

Why native Russian series sound dubbed even in Russian? Almost unnatural [closed]

I have been watching a few Russian series lately. In some of them, when Russian actors and actresses speak, the sound seems unnatural, almost

What were the firework noises in First Man?

At the beginning of the movie First Man (2018) there was a message displayed to the audience warning about some firework noises which were an intended part of t

Why do old gun fight scenes sound so weird and cartoonish?

In older movies (pre-90's), many gun fight scenes have cartoon sounds. I can almost imagine the scene drawn and the words KAPOING, POW, ZOINK being shown. Here'

How did they make these gun sound effects from the 1970's?

Gun sounds from old films often had a whining sound like an electric motor or a 500CC motorbike. What materials were used to record that sound?

Do other-language dubs rerecord sound effects?

I was watching a Spanish version of "Circle of Life" from The Lion King (1994) and noticed that Simba's sneeze-- presumably recorded by Jonathan Taylor Thomas--

Do they still use tiger roars in the 2019 "Lion King" movie?

In the original Lion King movie, the lion's roars (or at least Mufasa's) was not actually a lion's roar; it was a combination of other sounds. From the wikia:

Has Hollywood used the same recording of cat meows and screeching in multiple movies?

I know about the repeated use of the same "Wilhelm scream" and thunder sound effects in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Viewing the recent film Maleficent: Mistr

Why do some movie remasters replace the original sound effects with new ones?

Why do some movie remasters (and I wonder if there are TV shows remastered this way too) replace the original sound effects with new ones? For instance some mo

Is the dynamic range (audio) of some movies way too high?

As the title implies, I tend to think the dynamic range of movies is too high. I often find myself scrambling to change the volume after listening at a previ

Was Rami Malek singing or lipsyncing?

In Bohemian Rhapsody Rami Malek played Freddie Mercury from Queen. In the scenes where his character was singing, was the actor really singing with his voice, o

What is the effect used in Tron Legacy to give voices a "digital" sound?

In Tron Legacy several voices have some kind of effect applied that makes them sound "digital". For example, the voice over at the start of this video.

Who pioneered the use of Laughing Kookaburra birds to create the impression of a jungle setting?

I was sent a link to the first video below and it immediately sent me back to my childhood watching reruns of what were already old films on Sunday afternoon te

Is the "dolphin call" from the TV show Flipper and The Bourne Identity (2002) actually a modified kookaburra call?

A comment below Who pioneered the use of Laughing Kookaburra birds to create the impression of a jungle setting? links to a The Sound and the Foley blogpost Tha

Is Archer's ringtone a real song outside the Archer universe?

In the early seasons (1-3?), Archer uses a song for his ringtone that is just awful enough to be real, but I have never heard it anywhere else. Another characte

Why is the HBO "stinger" sound a semitone lower in English than in German?

I have been watching a number of HBO shows (Game of Thrones, Westworld, Watchmen, and The Plot Against America) on Sky Ticket in the last few years, and I notic

Water drop sound effect in Lost [closed]

What is the water drop-like clicking sound we hear in the camp or barracks all the time in Lost? Is there an explanation or meaning for this s

Is there a female version of the Wilhelm Scream?

The Wilhelm Scream is a sound effect of a man screaming, and has been used in hundreds of movies and TV episodes. Is there a female equivalent of this sound ef