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What does "a nickel on the dime" mean?

In The Greatest Showman there's a song set in a bar where PT and Philip are negotiating whether or not Philip will join the show, and there is a lyric I don't u

What was the song in Westworld S2E5? [closed]

The episode was known for many remixes of contemporary songs such as "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones as a Japanese symphony remix (I wa

In Mr. Holland's Opus, who sang for Rowena?

In the film Mr. Holland’s Opus, the actor Richard Dreyfuss plays a high school music teacher named Glenn Holland. The actress Jean Louisa Kelly plays a ch

Where is the acoustic Lennon recording of Strawberry Fields from?

In the movie Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados (Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed) (2013), the English teacher Antonio makes a recording of John Lennon

In-universe, was Eddie and Reed’s song ‘The Touch’ plagiarised by Transformers after Boogie Nights?

In Boogie Nights, Eddie Adams and Reed Rothchild record a song called ‘The Touch’. The recording session takes place in March 1983. Eddie is later u

Significance of Hindi words in Orochimaru's theme song?

In Naruto, many major characters have their own distinct soundtrack and Orochimaru is one of them: It's an interesting sound

What's the original version of "The Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box)"?

I recently watched a few classic Doctor Who episodes from the 80's and earlier during Twitch's streaming event and at one point I was rather surprised to hear m

The symbolism of the chirping bird sounds in "Seven Samurai"

A TV station here decided to broadcast Seven Samurai with the original Japanese soundtrack (it has subtitles in German.) It is running as I write. During the o

Which comes first in song-and-dance movies: The soundtrack or the video?

In big-budget movies like the Pitch Perfect trilogy that are full of cast singing and dancing to sound-studio tracks, including close-ups with no obvious "lip-s

Why wasn't Van Halen's music in Back to the Future?

Why did the band Van Halen deny the request to use their music in Back to the Future while Edward Van Halen secretly recorded music for the movie? From USA Tod

Why is there one broken note in the opening music of The Silence of the Lambs? [closed]

There are two broken notes in the opening music for the movie The Silence of the Lambs. I have purchased the HD4k version of this movie from i

Does Everest contain a song that wasn't released at the time of the events depicted in the movie?

In Everest, when they leave the Nepal airport and are sitting and chatting in a school bus sort of thing, the Hindi song Yeh Ladka Hay Allah from the movie Kabh

Why is King Herod's song ragtime?

According to this answer, in Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), King Herod's song is in ragtime style. Is there any reason or symbolism for choosing such a style f

Where are these songs used in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? [closed]

I just got the Ferris Bueller's Day Off OST from La La Land Records, but not all songs from the movie are on there due to licensing issues, so

What is the importance of background music in A Clockwork Orange?

The background music that goes on with A Clockwork Orange is not something that generally goes with crime or violence, like typical suspense/tense music that we

Why do they play "Scotland the Brave" at the beginning of "Dead Poets Society"?

Dead Poets Society is set in the United States, in Vermont, according to Wikipedia, so why do they play this patriotic Scottish song at the beginning? The scen

Why does the movie Inside Man start with a Bollywood track?

Why does the movie Inside Man have the Bollywood song Chhaiya Chhaiya in its opening scene?

What is the reason behind this musical reference to Pinocchio in the Close Encounters main theme?

Something that has always struck me when watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind, was this apparent reference in John Williams' main theme (starting at 4:28

What came first? Venom as the movie or as the song?

What came first and which one was the inspiration to the second one? Or did both came continuously where Eminem cooperated with the movie creators for the purpo

Has the "hero" music ever previously been associated with Godzilla in this way?

The track Godzilla Main Title, from the Godzilla: King of the Monsters soundtrack, starts very dramatically, and changes into music from the original Godzilla (