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Why doesn't the reflection match the man?

In Source Code (2011), At the beginning of the movie, Capt. Stevens looks in the train bathroom mirror and sees Sean Fentress, a teacher, who's identity he has

What explains the digitization effect experienced by Stevens in one of his "flashbacks"?

In the movie Source Code, during one of his "flashbacks," Stevens experiences the world appear to disintegrate, and "digitize." While watching the movie, you g

Ending of Source Code

By the end of Source Code (2011), we learn that the flashbacks were reality in an alternate timeline/universe. On the other hand, Captain Stevens manages to sa

Did Rutledge lie about the "Source Code"?

Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright) explains that the Source Code is not actually time travel, but merely a computer "construct" or "simulation", using the last 8 minutes

Is it realistic for a terrorist to leave his phone number behind in the call list?

In Source Code, it is shown that by redialing a number from the same phone that was connected to the bomb, Capt. found the guy finally who set up the bomb. Bu

What does the conversation mean?

In Source Code, I did not get the meaning of a conversation between Capt. and Christina in the train. It was between roughly 00:42:00-00:43:00 The conversation

Why did they choose Stevens to go into the Source Code?

Why they used a person who doesn't have any knowledge of the Source Code? Stevens is dead for two months, so they have much time to choice a candidate. Why did

Has Source Code made Sean's life miserable? [closed]

By inhabiting Sean Fentress' body by Colter Stevens in Source Code, hasn't the rest of his life become miserable in the altered timeline? Is t