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Whose signature is shown in the Spectre teaser?

I was watching the teaser trailer for Spectre, and approximately 28 seconds in, we see this signature: The surname of the signatory looks like “Bo

Why did Mr Hinx attack Bond & Madeleine Swann on the train?

It is eventually revealed in Spectre that the titular organisation possesses unprecidented levels of surveilance, and it is by virtue of this that Mr Hinx is ab

Why does the desert facility explode?

During Spectre, Bond and Swann escape Blofelds desert facility, only for it to explode. WHY/HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Bond is stripped of weapons (except the conc

Is Franz Oberhauser related to the original Blofeld?

Note: spoilers for Spectre ahead! In Spectre, we meet Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). He later reveals he now goes by the name "Ernst Blofeld", and has a s

What is Bond's first line in Spectre?

At the beginning of the new James Bond film, Spectre (2015), we see Bond and an anonymous girl go into a hotel room. Right at it looks like they're about to be

How was pre-title opening in Spectre shot?

The opening scene in 2015's Spectre has a long continuous sequence which, as an amateur filmmaker, is difficult to figure out how it might have been done. The

Significance of the painting behind M in the restaurant

Skyfall made prominent use of paintings, especially paintings of ships, to visualize James Bond's and MI6's state, as previosly discussed. Given this, I couldn

Why didn't the machine affect Bond in Spectre?

In the newest Bond movie, Spectre, there is a scene where bond is hooked up to a torture machine. He is told that the first action will damage his eyesigh

In Spectre how does the DNA match work?

So I have seen Spectre twice now and I'm confused about one thing. When 007 gives Q the ring he puts it on his magical scanner thingie and his laptop eventuall

Do I have to have seen any other James Bond films to watch Spectre?

Do I have to start from the first James Bond film to understand Spectre or can I just watch Spectre without any knowledge of James Bond films? All I know is th

Why does the Spectre octopus only have 7 tentacles?

Why does the Spectre octopus only have 7 tentacles? I can't find any definitive answers online other than speculation that it has to do with the number of lette

How are the Daniel Craig Bond movie plots related?

It seems like with the older Bond films, they were more standalone "adventures" and could each be enjoyed without seeing the others. With the new movies, they d

Why didn't James Bond finish off Mr. Hinx after the crash?

Episodes like this raise controversy in me every time I encounter them. But, in Spectre, why would James Bond not finish off Mr. Hinx after the crash? It is obv

Why is there a safety net conveniently located in the soon-to-be-demolished MI6 building?

This question is regarding one of the end scenes in the Bond film Spectre, so it contains some spoilers (kind of). It was thrilling to watch Bond and his compa

What did Q's hint that a watch tells time tell James but not me?

In Spectre, Q hands James a watch. Asking what it can do, he responds "It tells the time." A nice pun in what's also an ad for the Omega Seamaster 300. In cine

Why is there a tape with "Vesper" on it in Mr. White's room at the hotel?

In Spectre, Bond is in a place named "l’américain", the hotel where Mr. White spent his vacation. Bond found in this place a record with the label

Is Blofeld in previous James Bond movies same as in Spectre

In Spectre, Blofeld reappeared after Diamonds Are Forever. Unlike previous movies, in Spectre, it was shown that Blofeld was actually Franz Oberhauser who faked

Final few minutes of Spectre

Near the end of the movie Spectre, Bond refrains from killing Franz by saying that he has better things to do and he is then seen walking away from the sce

Why does Mr. Hinx go to Mr. White's house even when Spectre already knew he is dead?

In Spectre, Mr. Hinx goes to Mr. White's house to terminate him. However, Bond approaches him before he did, and Mr. White shot himself. There was a camera insi

How James Bond can survive from this? [duplicate]

In a scene, blofeld drilled into james bond's skull and brain How is it possible that a human being can survive that injury and damage?