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In Star Trek Into Darkness who was the saboteur?

When the Enterprise is on it's way to Kronos it drops out of warp because of some unknown leak in the core. At first it's implied that it's the torpedoes (whic

Is Harrison really a bad guy?

I've watched Star Trek: Into Darkness recently and couldn't help but notice that Benedict Cumberbatch's character is not really that bad as they make it seem.

Why these credits for Star Trek Into Darkness?

I noticed during the credit sequence at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness that Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison were credited as Kirk's parents (whom they

What is this trail of 'pixie dust' left when the Enterprise warps out?

I noticed that in Star Trek: Into Darkness when the Enterprise warps out it leaves a trail of what I can only describe as pixie dust. Previously the Enterprise

Why didn't the Vulcan nerve pinch work?

During the final fight sequence between Spock and Khan. Spock applies the Vulcan nerve pinch to Khan, who lets out a scream of pain but doesn't collapse. Why d

How could the Vengeance fire phasers at warp?

In Star Trek into Darkness you see several shots of the phasers being fired while at warp. It's my understanding that phasers are beams of light (I don't believ

Why does Harrison show different reactions to phaser fire?

In leaving a comment on the Vulcan nerve pinch question, it occurred to me that there was (Surprise surprise) a fairly big inconsistency regarding Khan and phas

Star Trek - Khan and Chekov

Why does Chekov say that he remembers Khan in "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" if in Star Trek TOS Chekov doesn't appear in the episode "Space Seed"? Also why is

How did Harrison know the Enterprise had warp core issues?

Just curious if there's any info on this issue in Star Trek: Into Darkness since it wasn't explained in the movie. How did Khan know that the Enterprise warp c

Shouldn't the crew be in freefall while the ship is descending to earth?

In Star Trek: Into Darkness, there is a scene in which Khan disables the Enterprise' power, forcing it to be caught in Earth's gravity (Ch. 12). During this sc

Why not teleport instead of taking a transport?

Early on in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), after the scene where Khan shoots up the council, Kirk and Spock are making their way to the Enterprise. They are on

How come they couldn't heal Captain Pike's injuries in Star Trek?

As we saw in the Star Trek movies and TV shows, the Federation has extraordinarily advanced knowledge, science, medicine and technology. They were able to cure