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How were R2D2 and C3PO made in the original trilogy?

I know they used a lot of mechanics back then, but were R2D2 and C3PO mechanical, a costume, or something else?

Why is Leia, the twin of Luke, not a Jedi?

Why is Leia, the twin of Luke, not a Jedi? Is she not supposed to be the "one other" to whom Yoda refers in Star Wars Episode V?

Why was princess Leia not executed?

In the 1977 movie, Star Wars Episode IV, orders to excecute the princess are given several times. Once an order to execute her "immediately" but still she was n

Why was the princess rescued in the first place?

In the 1977 movie release of Star Wars Episode IV, why was the princess rescued in the first place? As the required information was with the droid and a lot of

Use Force Lightning can Yoda?

In Star Wars Episode II, battling with Count Dooku Yoda was. Force Lightning against Yoda Dooku uses. The lightning from affecting him Yoda stops. Then Force Li

Rebel in opening scenes of Star Wars Episode 4

At the beginning of the movie, Vader and the storm troopers board Princess Leia's ship. At one point Vader was holding a rebel in the air and was interrogating

Where does the name "Ewoks" come from?

Everyone knows that the cute, fuzzy critters from Return of the Jedi are called the Ewoks... but how does everyone know that? If you watch the movie carefully,

How much of Star Wars did George Lucas actually write?

I got into a semi-argument with a friend recently regarding how much credit to give George Lucas for Star Wars. She was commenting how he's an awful director an

Why does E.T. move towards the Yoda-like kid while calling "Home Home"?

In the 1982 classic E.T., when Elliot and Mike take E.T. out on Halloween, E.T. sees people dressed up in bizarre costumes, but when a kid dressed up like Yoda

Why is the Death Star shaped like a sphere?

Is it ever mentioned in the Star Wars movies why a sphere-shape was chosen? It would seem that sphere would be unreasonably hard to make as molding all the oute

Could the Death Star travel faster than light?

Almost every ship (excluding speeders and small fighters) in the Star Wars universe can travel at light speed. As far as I'm aware most space stations can't (B

How could Princess Leia remember her "real mother" a "little bit," when Padmé Amidala died in childbirth?

In the movie Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983), Luke Skywalker asks Leia what she remembers of her real mother. She tells that she only remember

Does Princess Leia ever learn that Darth Vader is her father?

As asked on Quora: Luke learns that he is Vader's son privately and finds out Leia is his sister in a separate revelation. Are these 2 points ever revealed

In Star Wars, why didn't all the Jedi use the double lightsaber like Darth Maul?

This question always kept coming to my mind. Why don't they use double light saber to their advantage?

Why didn't Yoda train Princess Leia as a Jedi?

Why didn't Yoda train Leia as well as Luke? He said that the "force was strong with her" as well.

Why is Yoda living on that lonely, remote planet?

In The Empire Strikes Back it seems like a weird choice for Yoda to live on such a lonely and remote planet, considering how social Yoda actually is. Why does h

Has it been officially announced that Star Wars Ep VII will be in 3D?

While reading this article, I noticed the throw-away line at the end which states that the new Star Wars film due for release in 2015 will be in 3D. Granted, I

Why does Anakin/Luke's Lightsaber change colour?

In Star Wars- Episode IV- A New Hope Luke's lightsaber has a light blue color, almost white, however in the prequel films the same blade is a dark blue instead.

Was the family connection established in The Empire Strikes Back?

Every Star Wars fan remembers the uncomfortable moment in The Empire Strikes back where Leia kisses Luke. In Return of the Jedi we're then told that she's his

What powers a lightsaber?

Jedi use lightsabers, some use them a lot! However you never see a lighsaber being plugged in, on charge or running out of battery. What powers a lightsaber an