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Are there any differences between Supergirl's leaked episode and the broadcast one?

Are there any differences between Supergirl's leaked pilot episode and the broadcast one or are they exactly the same? I read a few articles about complaints w

Is this a nod to new 52 or just a coincidence?

I saved this screenshot from the 5th episode of season 1 of Supergirl and I was wondering, is the a nod to the new 52 or just a coincidence?

What is the reason for these 10-second gaps?

I've been watching Supergirl for a while now, and something got me wondering. Why are there 10-second gaps between most scenes (not all)? I encountered the same

Is Supergirl from Earth-1 or Earth-2?

I am a bit confused with the The Flash/Supergirl crossover. I always thought Supergirl was Earth-1, but The Flash rescued her and implied that she was Earth-2.

Is the Supergirl/Flash crossover understandable enough without watching the whole first season of Supergirl?

I know everything from Arrowverse but I am not following Supergirl. Only checked it's leaked pilot. Do I need to see the whole Supergirl till the crossover or i

Why didn't Non use Superman to do his bidding?

In BvS we see people thinking what a threat Superman is to earth. But in Supergirl's S01E19 we see he falls under Myriad's sway. So why doesn't Non use him to d

What is the device Barry (The Flash) has on his chest in the Supergirl crossover? [duplicate]

I watched the crossover between Supergirl and The Flash and as probably all of you also did, noticed a device we hadn't really seen before on

Why did Flash completely avoid mentioning Supergirl?

In Flash S02E18 "Versus Zoom", Flash accidentally passes through a blue portal during his speed test and after his return he asks how much time has passed. It's

How Supergirl managed to get her ear pierced?

Supergirl is effectively invulnerable (her cousin is known to have to use his heat vision to shave; presumably she does too for legs etc). But her ears are pier

Why does the Supergirl TV series go out of its way to not say "Superman"?

After watching the pilot of Supergirl, it seemed strange to me that they seem to be going out of their way to not say "Superman" or "Clark Kent". In the opening

Why doesn't Supergirl enlist Superman's help when all humanity is threatened in the season 1 finale?

In Supergirl Season 1 finale, Non and Indigo have triggered a device that is going to kill all of humanity in the next 4 hours. Martian, the only other superher

Why did Non ask Lucy Lane not to release the White Martian?

In Supergirl, s1e19 named Myriad, Non asks Lucy Lane, the acting-director of DEO to release all the prisoners except the White Martian. At the DEO, the entire

Does Kara (Supergirl) have a way to contact Superman?

In the Supergirl TV show, we see that Jimmy Olson has a watch to contact Superman. Does Kara Danvers (Supergirl) have a way to contact her cousin? We do see

Is Kara (SuperGirl) natural born?

We learn that Kal-El is a rare natural born Kryptonian. What about Kara? I'm not familiar enough with the continuities to specify, but please use the same co

Why is the insignia of House-of-El different in Superman's suit from that in Supergirl's suit?

In Supergirl s2 e1 named The Adventures of Supergirl, Superman gets introduced. But it can be easily noticed that the insignia of House-of-El that is the iconi

Do the showrunners consider Supergirl and Constantine to be part of the Arrowverse?

According to Wikipedia's article on the Arrowverse, the Arrowverse consists of four shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and the animated series Vixen.

Who is supergirl waving at season 2 episode 6

At season 2 episode 6 ("Changing") Kara is training with Mon-El. At one moment she is in the air and waving at someone. Was she waving at the people who control

Why is Supergirl's earth numbered 38?

In Flash S03E08, Cisco named Supergirl's earth as Earth 38 during his conversation with Flash. So far we know 5 major earths: Earth 1 - Flash/ Arrow/ Legends o

Why is Kara Zor-El called Kara Danvers and not Linda?

Like the title says, why did the Supergirl producers pick Kara Zor-El to be called Kara Danvers? Isn't she supposed to be Linda Danvers? This answer says: A

How did the Master Jailer attack Supergirl in Episode 14?

In Season 1 Episode 14 of Supergirl, when the detective reveals himself as the Master Jailer, he shoots Alex and then he points some kind of light at Kara. The