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What happens to talk show giveaways that don't match the audience?

Inspired by an answer to this question. In his answer, BrettfromLA says he received a package of Hanes underwear. Many gifts, such as money, gift cards, or CD

What is the black box behind the guest side of the desk on The Daily Show?

There is a black box on the floor on the guest side of the desk on The Daily Show and I've been wondering for a while what it is for. Does anyone know? At f

Why does the talk show host always sit on the right?

With some possible exceptions, why do most talk show hosts always seem to be seated on the right with the guest on the left? Is there a particular reason for th

Do late night shows inform celebrities who their co-guests are going to be so they can agree to appear on the show with them?

I got thinking about this ever since I saw an old Letterman video featuring Howard Stern, in which Howard gave an account of how he had a conflict with Sharon S

Carson: "It was so X"; Audience: "How X was it?"

Carson: "It was so X"; Audience: "How X was it?" Is there a name for this class of humor or standup routine or trope, or whatever this is called? Are there refe

How did Conan film this episode?

As far as I know Conan films all his shows in a studio in front of an audience However there are few episodes, like this one Th