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Why does Travis Bickle have flowers in his apartment?

In Taxi Driver, after being rejected by Betsy, Travis sends her flowers. She says she didn't get them, but I assume that was a polite rejection. However,

Why would Travis Bickle go on a date to an adult cinema?

In the beginning of Taxi Driver, we see Travis as an insomniac loner that falls in love with a gorgeous blonde. They hit it off, he looks confident, smooth, but

Why does Travis Bickle attempt the assassination?

In Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle ruins his relationship with the woman he likes. Then, he tries to get her back, fails, starts becoming angry, fantasizing with kil

The ending of the relationship between Travis Bickle and Betsy

In Taxi Driver, after failing to assassinate the senator, Travis Bickle goes to save the underage hooker. I understand that he is angry and furious, and ki

Cinematography and Mise en scene in Taxi Driver's "You talking to me?" scene [closed]

This movie is considered an all time great, and especially the mirror scene when Travis is talking to his mirror is heralded as an amazing sce

What does Travis Bickle mean when he says 'I need to get organizized' In Taxi Driver

In the movie Taxi Driver there is this scene where Travis Buckle invites Betsy into a coffee shop and they start talking. Wha

Who are these two persons Travis was staring at?

In the start of the movie Taxi Driver, when Travis was sitting with other cab drivers, he was staring at these people who were also staring back at him. Afte

Two different cameos of Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver

In the movie Taxi Driver, we see Martin Scorsese in two different cameos. The most prominent one being Travis's passenger. This role is credited as "Passenger W

What did the pimp mean by 'no rough stuff' in Taxi Driver?

During the pimp scene, the pimp tells Travis what he can do: You can cum on her, f*** her in the mouth, f*** her in the ass, cum on her face, man. She get y

Why did Travis Bickle start a conversation with the secret service guy?

Why did Travis Bickle start a conversation with the secret service guy in Taxi Driver? A site suggested it was because he wanted to make the secret service guy

Why does Travis Bickle say "Jesus Christ, I got a taxi"

Near the end of the scene in Taxi Driver where Travis takes Betsy to the porn movie, after she leaves angrily for her home in a taxi, he says, "Jesus Christ, I

Why did Travis miss these shots?

In Scorsese's Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle is shown to be a competent shooter, having regularly practiced in gun ranges. He was also a former Marine who was honor

Why does Sport the pimp have a long pink fingernail?

In Taxi Driver Sport is the pimp of the underage prostitute Iris. His right hand's little finger has a long, pink / reddish fingernail. It's visible for example