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Why were they sleeping right before the deployment?

In the movie Tenet, when a group of terrorists invade an opera house, in a van, a guy says: "Wake up the Americans." Then the protagonist and his mate are woken

How is the bad guy's car moving backwards while its occupants are not?

In the movie Tenet there is a high speed chase on a highway. During this chase we see Sator who is clearly inverted (he is wearing mask, so he can breathe) hold

How do inverted objects work in Tenet?

Paradoxically I think I got the plot and timeline in Tenet to a degree, but not the basic mechanic itself. I want to focus on the shooting range scene where the

Why didn't the scientist destroy the formula?

In Christopher Nolan's Tenet, we see the main antagonist, Sator, using an algorithmic formula to invert the entropy of the entire world. This was supposed to

Why does a non-inverted Neil shoot/catch an inverted bullet?

In the opening scene in Tenet, the protagonist is saved by a masked SWAT member, who shoots a terrorist-disguised-as-a-SWAT with an inverted bullet. It turns ou

Why was Tenet released to cinemas only, even though most of them are closed throughout the US?

I've read good reviews about Christopher Nolan's new Tenet movie and wanted to go see it. Unfortunately it turned out that its only released in cinemas and all

How did the car end up at the port after explosion in Tenet?

The Protagonist in Tenet takes part in the car chase twice—forwards in time (regular Protagonist) and backwards in time (inverted Protagonist). The invert

Why is the Opera raid simultaneous with the Stalsk-12 battle?

In Tenet the attack on the Opera happens the same day as the attack on the Stalsk-12 mine. It seems to me there is no reason these two events should happen the

In Tenet, how is this character able to retrieve the original cache of buried gold?

In the Tenet movie, Sator is shown to receive gold shipments from the future. He buries a capsule, transmits the coordinates (presumably via a hidden newspaper

How long were the bullet holes present in the glass from the non-inverted perspective?

In the first half of Tenet, there is a scene where The Protagonist and Neil break into Freeport and find a glass wall with bullet holes (could only find a good

Can someone explain how Kat experienced this part of Tenet from her perspective?

In Tenet, we see Kat holds a gun to Sator and he beats her to the floor. After that the whole reverse car chase ensues. At the end of this all, reverse-Kat is w

Is there a missing scene in Tenet or am I missing something?

After the protagonist, Neil and Kat went to Oslo and inverted back to normal time, the Protagonist went to speak to Priya. The scene after that all three are in

Why is the Audi chasing the BMW in reverse?

In the movie Tenet, there's a car chase scene involving two cars, one of which, an Audi, is inverted or traveling backwards in time. The other, a BMW, is travel

Clarification about annihilation in Tenet

This is about the concept of annihilation in Tenet. The concept of inverting oneself is introduced. When an individual is inverted, this person will experience

What would an observer see when someone goes through the Turnstile in Tenet?

In the movie Tenet, after the high-speed car chase on the highway, Sator captures the Protagonist and his wife and takes them to a warehouse with a Turnstile. I

If Neil is moving backwards from the future, why doesn't he wear an oxygen mask?

In Tenet, it's revealed at the end that The Protagonist is moving forward in time and Neil is moving backwards. How does he not wear an oxygen mask throughout t

How did the ending happen from Neil's perspective?

I am trying to figure out the scene near the finale of Tenet where Neil unlocks the door and gets shot in the face. I can't really see the flow where he opens a

Was Priya helping Sator?

After watching Tenet I'm somewhat confused about Priya's role in the story. From the beginning, it seems like she works for Tenet and her goal aligns with the r

How does Sator get the algorithm after the car chase?

This question contains many spoilers for Tenet. I'm trying to work out exactly what happens in the car chase sequence. I think I understand where most of the ch

Shot mechanic in Tenet

In Tenet, when someone got shot by an inverted bullet, shouldn't the person be hurt before getting shot and recover immediately after the inverted bullet shoots