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What was the age of Adaline Bowman's daughter in The Age of Adaline? [duplicate]

I was rewatching The Age of Adaline and I got a little bit confused. What's the age of Adaline Bowman's daughter Flemming Prescott in the movi

Why is Adaline watching old tapes and who recorded them?

In The Age of Adaline (2015), Adaline watches some classic tapes. Why is she watching it and who recorded it?

Why did Adaline run away?

I am referring to the scene at the end of the movie where William exposed her and admitted to her that he knows. She is running to Williams house for the car an

Why is Adaline's daughter so old?

Adaline is 100-something years old, and her daughter appears to be 90 years old. Well, Adaline gave birth to her in her mid 20's, and to be precise, she should

Does Adaline say why she has to leave the city at the beginning?

Can you tell what Adaline says to Ellis why she is leaving the city at the beginning of The Age of Adaline? I am not talking about the time when she runs away

Is the cinema from Adaline real?

In the movie Age of Adaline, the main character takes Ellis on a date to an old warehouse in San Francisco, which used to be a drive-in cinema in the 30s. She t